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Zhuge Liang "Long in the right" there are serious strategic mistakes, Shu Han was misled for many years!

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Many people who read "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" will think: Guan Yu lost Jingzhou, causing "Longzhong" in the plan came to nothing. Although Zhuge Liang still continued after the Northern Expedition, but Jingzhou is something else in the bag, there is no backup force. Therefore, Liu Bei failed to win the world because Guan Yu.

Is this an idea? If Jingzhou, Zhuge Liang in the "Long on the" proposed strategy will succeed? Not necessarily!

"Long in the right" can be said that the characters are worth considering, there is no useless language. Zhuge Liang "Long in the right" mentioned in the strategy is: at the same time occupy Jingzhou, Yizhou, and Soochow pay good, wait until the time is right, from Jingzhou, Yizhou soldiers divided into two parts of the Northern Expedition Cao Wei, and then kill the monopoly of Soochow . Carefully try to figure out this strategy you will find that there are some problems.

First, the strategy did not take into account Sun Wu's intentions. Jingzhou has always been the battleground of the military. Wei Wei and Soochow hope Jingzhou in their own hands. Moreover, Jingzhou and Soochow also separated from the river, Soochow how may be looked Jingzhou Shu taken away indifferent?

If Shuhan occupied Jingzhou, Yizhou, the implementation of Outreach Soochow policy is impossible. In the eyes of Soochow, Liu Bei how to make it in front of the house? Moreover, in the Shu Han, Cao Wei, Soochow's role is to balance the hand, the two sides, the interests can be maximized. Soochow how will make the two sent to the Northern Expedition Cao Wei's strategy succeed? Jingzhou sent troops, Soochow must harass the rear.

Second, Guan Yu guarding Jingzhou time, there was no suspension between Soochow and Shu Han. Soochow did not give up seeking Jingzhou. The conflicts between Wu and Shu are also around Jingzhou. Such a union does not last long. Sun Liu alliance more of a superficial phenomenon, between the Han and Cao Wei no big hatred between Sun Liu.

Soochow won the Jingzhou well planned. Not Guan Yu poor ability, it is not Zhuge Liang problems, but from Shuhan difficult to send troops from Yizhou, Jingzhou assistance.

Third, Cao Wei has the policy about the interests of Soochow. Even if Soochow, Cao Wei camp is different, but Cao Cao can use Han emperor, give Soochow policy concessions. In the face of national interests, Soochow can easily sell Shuhan. Under such circumstances, Zhuge Liang's "occupy Jingzhou, Yizhou, and Soochow at the same time, until the time is ripe, from Jingzhou, Yizhou Bingfenwei North Wei Cao" policy how possible?

Strategy does not equal reality. Zhuge Liang's failure on the Northern Expedition was also closely linked to the once-strategic thinking.

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