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Su Shi's Calligraphy Aesthetics: Advocating "Making New Ideas" and Respecting Personality Innovation

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Su Shi is a great writer and great calligrapher in the Northern Song Dynasty. His art creation reflects the style of "Shang Yi" in the Song Dynasty, and his calligraphy theory pioneered the calligraphy aesthetic trend of changing the "law" in the Song Dynasty.

Su Shi's book theory, scattered in a large number of inscriptions, letters and poetry, discusses the contents of calligraphy innovation, learning charm, skills training, writing tools and other aspects of the problem. One of the most worthy of attention, is a series of discourse on calligraphy innovation, can be called "out of the new ideas."

Su Dongpo statue

The ultimate goal of art is to express itself and to innovate. Innovation consciousness in Su Shi's book theory is very prominent. Su Shi "sub-rhyme by the book" poem: "Although I am not good books, Xiao Mo like me. Gou can pass its meaning, often said not to learn. ...... I heard the ancient calligraphy, Shou-Chun lame. "" Bad book "is modesty," Xiao Mo like me "is not self-boast.

Su Shi, "Huangzhou Cold Food Posts"

Su Shi believes that the key to the creation of calligraphy lies in "passing its meaning", that is, obtaining the meaning outside of the book, that is, there is me in the book, the meaning of "I", and the appearance of "I" rather than being smooth and perfect. It is precisely because the crux of calligraphy is "through its meaning", so in the creation, you do not have to preoccupied with the pros and cons of drawing.

"Dongpo on Art Record" "Yan Zhenqing Pro"

Su Shi said to himself: "I'm a book that I can not create, I'm a bit irritated." He added in the "Evaluation of Calligraphy": "The book was not intended to be good at all, but it was Jiaer." "My book is not very good, A new idea, do not practice ancients, is a fast too. "

Zhang Xu cursive

His writing art can "nine means good", "new ideas" and conceited and pleased. After commenting on the calligraphists since the Sui and Tang dynasties, Su Shi highly respected those calligraphers who are full of personality and innovation. For example, Zhang Xu's calligraphy was commented on in the book "The Six Books Later", saying: "Zhang Changshi cursive, decadent, A little painting office, and self-satisfied, known as God Yi. "

Su Shi evaluation Yan Zhenqing, Liu Gongquan calligraphy wrote: "Yan Lu Gongxiong majestic independence, a change of ancient law, such as Du Zi Mei poetry, Gree days days, Yan Han, Wei, Jin, Song since the Merry, the author of the post, Difficult-to-be-complicated hand. Liu Shaoshuashi book, the out of the color, but can be a new idea, a hundred hundred gold, not virtual language also.

Liu Gong rights like - Yan Zhenqing like

Su Shih considered Yanlu's greatness lies in "a change of ancient law," opened up a new style of writing; Liugongquan valuable place is that he "was out of color, but can be a new idea." This evaluation is very Accurate, visible Su Shi high eyesight.