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Van wilderness suburban truck rollover, but the driver wanted to looting the 20 tons of cargo

Car 2017-12-07 15:46:16 20

Large truck rollover often happen, many large truck owners are very careful to drive, for fear of rollover accident occurred in themselves, if this accident cost can bear their own expenses a lot of money. In many cases, large trucks overturning, the possible factor is overloading, or else driving fatigue, which is the two common occurrences of accidents. Today, when the demon was an accident happened in the wilderness, the truck driver saw the cargo of the earth crying, sometimes do not know what to do.

Everyone can see fresh fish everywhere and look particularly spectacular. However, the owner of the van saw it really because he was crying because the accident occurred at a more remote and desolate ridge. For a long time, if this can not be delivered on time. The boss suffered serious losses, certainly not losing their jobs have to lose a lot of money.

The truck driver said he was carrying about 20 tons of dead weight, probably a bad way out of the country roads and a long drive, so he later passed a curve and his car turned upside down. Truck drivers said they have been driving for such a long time, have not seen such a big accident.

Delivery time in his own hurry, but such a big accident occurred, the agreement on time delivery is definitely a bathing, and estimated a lot of liquidated damages, which under the big lose money. In the heart of a large truck driver, if he happened to be in a downtown area, he would certainly have pedestrians stepped forward as a "porter" to loot these 20 tons of cargo so that at least they could reduce some losses.

Demon looked big truck driver this matter, first of all feeling is life is not easy, this time it will have to lose a lot of money; secondly, to criticize the large truck drivers are also driving fatigue day and night, this is right Himself and others; Finally, kneeling on the idea of ​​the truck driver, if someone can loot to reduce losses, truck drivers are joking?