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Xu Feiyu, vice president of Lenovo Group joined China's artificial intelligence industry innovation alliance

Science 2017-12-07 13:31:58 55

Following the participation of many academicians and experts in the alliance, the China Alliance for Artificial Intelligence Innovation has attracted heavy guests in the field of artificial intelligence.

Xu Feiyu, vice president of Legend Group and head of AI Lab, is a rare outstanding female scientist in natural language processing in the world and also a very outstanding leader in this field. Xu Feiyu is the only female scientist who has won the 2013 Google focused research award award. In 2014, Ms. Xu Feiyu also won the DFKI Research Fellow, the Most Outstanding Researcher Award, and DFKI won the honor in nearly 30 years of history The only Chinese scientists in 18 scientists. To date, Ms. Xu Feiyu has successfully led more than 30 international R & D projects. From initial application development to product forming, and finally to commercialization of products, she has extensive experience in the entire innovation and R & D cycle in her area of ​​expertise. In addition to research and development, since 2007, Ms. Xu Feiyu is one of Founder and Senior Operations Management Director of Yocoy Technologies GmbH, a subsidiary of DFKI. Under her leadership, Yocoy has successfully developed more than 30 mobile applications. Mainly in multilingual translation applications, speaking Chinese, French, German, Spanish and other users to provide services. These applications were released on IOS and Android respectively, with over 100 countries.

Honor: </ strong>

2014 German Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) Outstanding Research Specialist

2013 Natural Language Understanding Google Focus Research Award (sponsored by Google)

2012 Yocoy Innovation Summit Language Technology Innovation Award (EU-sponsored)

2011 Apps4Berlin Contest Awards Yocoy Yo Berlin Project Proposal (sponsored by Berlin)

Social Jobs: </ strong>

2018 ACL information extraction, text mining field chairman

2017 CCF (Chinese Computer Society) Chinese Information Technology Committee members

2017 EACL 2017 Chair, Text Mining, Information Extraction and QA Systems

2017 Cognitive Techniques Book Series From Book Editorial Board Member

2012 Peking University Language Technology and Computational Linguistics Member of the Editorial Board

Many international conference project committee members such as:

International Association of Computational Linguistics (ACL), Coling, EACL, LREC and others.