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Guangxu ingot Guangdong province has been the leader in the coin collection market

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Coins have been seizing the throne in the investment market. Dragon Worn Emperor Guangxu has undergone many wars and the number of wars has been very scarce. The Guangxu Cigar is the artistic crystallization of the artisans of the ancestors and is integrated into the art form and aesthetic appreciation of ancient Chinese coins. Guangxu years economic situation.

Guangxu ingot made in Guangdong Province

Guangxu ingot made in Guangdong Province

This piece Guangxu ingot Guangdong Province made of silver coins, the diameter of 38.9mm, coins are inscribed with the inscription "Guangxu ingot", the outer ring cast in English, surrounded by cast in italics "Guangdong Province," the word, the back of a pattern of dragon soaring Figure, carved delicate, with great collection value and historical value.

Guangxu ingot made in Guangdong Province

Guangxu ingot made in Guangdong Province

This piece Guangxu ingot in Guangdong Province made silver coins, the diameter size of 44.6mm, it is understood that Guangxu ingot has more than 20 provinces, the more rare is the Guangdong Province Shuanglong Shouzi, Guangdong "Shou" silver coin is said to be The Empress Dowager Cixi seventieth birthday and cast, positive addition to full Chinese, the back of the middle seal script "Shou" character, surrounded by Shuanglongxizhu and auspicious clouds. This Guangdong "Shou" one or two silver coins have been cast twice, are few circulated.

Latest Guangxu ingot price transaction records:

Qing dynasty silver Guangxu ingot Guangdong Province made 300-300 million 345 million

Qing dynasty Guangxu yuanbao Anhui Kuping 180-220 million 2.07 million

Hubei Guangxu gold ingot 180-360 million 1.84 million

Zhejiang Province Guangxu gold ingots 160-180 million 1.76 million

Hubei Province Guangxu gold ingots 150-250 million 1.72 million

In 1900 Fujian Bureau of Justice Made 100-120 million 1680000

Guangxu ingot ruled in monarchy monarchy, currency circulation has gradually facilitated people's lives. With the currency reform and reform, while understanding ancient coins also understand a period of history. Many collectors have no choice but to put their hands on the Guangxu ingot, which has a high collection value and market value.