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"Hello old time" Chen Eucalyne leave, his father separate, Xin Rui blackening, Lin Yang Zhou Zhou crisis

News 2017-12-07 08:01:56 47

Panorama youth cure network drama "hello, old time" this week continued.

In the December 6 update story, Yu Zhou Zhou completely and her "old time" bid farewell.

In just 30 minutes, Yu Zhouzhou and his spiritual mentor, idol big brother Chen Eucalyptus, oneself can not recognize in public places biological father leave.

In the end, Yu Zhou Zhou forgave his father. Because she always remembered that Lin Yang and she said that "some things may not regret it."

Screenwriter to separate the original plot of the separated together, a lot of emotional impact increased.

In this episode, Yu Zhou Zhou unloaded the burden of the heart to welcome a new life.

Yu Zhou Zhou gave Chen Eun that "if happy is too hard, then I wish you peace", touching. Two similar experiences of children, to a different front.

Yu Zhou Zhou and his father's waltz, there is no wanton rendering, but a touch of sadness, looking back to the eyes of everything.

Lin Yang misunderstood more than Zhou Zhou, vinegar means to learn motivation, Xueba vent way is "ten pound Zhenti." Right, on the pounds.

Xin Rui change the image of the pro-forest Yang initiative.

The relationship between Zhou and Yang Zhou Yu further cracks. At this point Yu Zhou Zhou thoroughly and her "old time" bid farewell, and Lin can become her "light" yet.