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Jiangmen property market suddenly why "winter"? The market continues to overdraw one of the main reasons

Estate 2017-12-07 08:57:00 12

Many reporters interviewed found that the amount of real estate visits relative to the "National Day" has dropped sharply, while the single-handed residential transaction data in November is also very bleak. The reason, and the purchase of the policy continued fermentation, down payment, rising interest rates continue to increase the public wait and see mood, overdraft of purchasing power are not unrelated.

Visits: Drop in Visits for Multiple Projects </ strong>

"We've seen at least half the number of new product launches down from October," said the head of a well-known real estate agency.

The situation he has reflected is not the case. Recently, reporters visited a number of properties in Pengjiang and Jianghai districts and many sales managers and home buyers consultants reflected similar situations.

Reporters also statistics based on data released by the Municipal Housing Authority official website, in November, Jiangmen Central City (Pengjiang, Jianghai) first-hand residential net sign less than 900 sets (eventually URA monthly data release), the chain Plunged, less than the 997 sets in February 2016 also lost nearly 100 sets, setting a new low for nearly two years.

For such results, some industry insiders have long been expected, because, on the one hand, November is the traditional off-season, but also related to October, even the most concerned about the housing market marketing node - "Golden Week" property market performance Also unsatisfactory - Municipal Bureau of Statistics data show: During the National Day (October 1-8), the central urban residential total net sign 224 sets, relative to the same period in 2016 (2016 National Day holiday for the October 1- 7), down 52% YoY. Since then, the number of visitors has dropped and the trading volume has also dropped. Due to the lagging nature of the net-signed data and the slow approval of bank mortgages at this stage, the number of net-signed data lags behind , Part of the market in October the real situation in the November data showed only.

Some interviewees said that after the National Day holiday, the number of project visits began to plummet.

According to Yang Donghui, general manager of Yulong Real Estate, "Since November, the appeals for first-hand and second-hand customers in various regions of Jiangmen have been gradually decreasing, and the customers' wait-and-see attitude has been aggravated."

In fact, this is not the case of Jiangmen, Central Plains real estate-related officials said that according to their monitoring shows that the general phenomenon of visitors dropped sharply across the province; and "Nanfang Daily" reported that: "The agency's recent monitoring also Confirmed by the policy regulation and control, the property market in November cooling significantly, the obvious differentiation of transactions in all cities.

However, it is noteworthy that although some real estate projects have slowed down, they have introduced preferential treatments such as discounted items, parking space vouchers, parking coupons and other preferential treatments that have not been offered before. On the other hand, some projects such as Poly Metropolis and Midea Park opened at the opening of the project, Still a school of fun.

"We also noticed the different performance of different properties opened some of the sales is indeed the ideal opening to go to the can reach 89%, while some brands are not high and the general quality of the project to the speed of the project is more bleak, the market differentiation The phenomenon further expanded.This also reflects the current price difference is not the case, the public purchase more inclined to high-quality products and more willing to believe the brand. "US real estate general manager Tang Jianjun think.

Another director of marketing, who asked not to be named, pointed out that although the current market is cold, it does not mean that the market is inflexible because there are still a few more expensive products to support. price.

Probe: One of the main reasons the market continues to overdraw </ strong>

Why the market suddenly "winter"? Yang Donghui, Tang Jianjun, and Tan Menglong, the chief marketing officer of First One, and Li Songjie, the marketing manager of Swan Bay, analyzed several aspects in a more consistent manner:

1, the purchase policy has been introduced more than six months, the role of fermentation appeared;

2. In the meantime, the down payment and the rising interest rate make it hard for some residents to get on the train.

3, 19 big report once again stressed that "Housing does not fry", allowing customers to wait and see on the property market;

4, the new push on the market unit price of 10,000 yuan, making some customers discouraged, leading to the overall lack of popularity of the property market; liquidity tight.

At the same time, they also talked about the major factor of market overdraft.

"In the past year, the property market has been overdrawn due to the market environment, the high turnover of many parcels, the tight inventory, and other factors. It is normal to cool down now," said one marketing director, who declined to be named.

Outlook: Web sign-in data may be lower </ strong>

An unnamed marketing director believes that the people's purchasing power is still only psychological start to tangle, when the customer confidence in the future market, feeling relaxed when the policy, the "knot" will be eliminated, the property transaction will be Warmer again, this is "routine" for many years.

Well, what's going on in the next few months? </ strong>

It is reported that Shanghai Institute of E-House pointed out that for some loose policies in the third and fourth tier cities, housing prices in the end under the pressure of red performance, the market may heat up for some time. However, with the adherence to the principle of "Housing does not live", the property market regulation and control policies will remain stable in the short term and the financial environment is still tightening. Therefore, the year-end enhancement will not occur.

Reporters noted that last week, Pengjiang, Jianghai supply more volume is not bad, a total of more than 300 sets, the transaction area more than last week's 17,000 square meters, in December the "good start" will continue?

"December's volume is not sufficient, but given that in November a number of brands have a broader market supply focus, the net sign data will be reflected in December, it is expected in December sales rose slightly over November, But the overall volume will remain low level. "Tang Jianjun forecast.

Yang Dong Hui believes that the next net sign data may be lower, but the average transaction price may rise, the main reason is the recent new supply with more renovation products, look into the next 5 months, the property market transactions may be depressed, it is difficult to reproduce the previous Appear "time" disk phenomenon, it is difficult to achieve the recent part of the project pushing the goods to the day more than 70% of the results.