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Zhu Yilong and his girlfriend fell in love eight years Zhu Yilong's current girlfriend exposure is actually her

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It is understood that the strength of niche Zhu Yilong in recent years continue to have new works out, and acting is much everyone's recognition. But who do you prefer or is his girlfriend? It is said that Zhu Yilong has a girlfriend in the circle, and the two have been in love for eight years. Is this really true and how Zhu Yilong responded.

Zhu Yilong and his girlfriend fell in love eight years

Internet rumors Zhu Yilong gossip girlfriend Yang Rong, Song Yi, Yang Jingru and many other actresses, but he did not admit that, are these just gossip girlfriend it? Why cautiously hide for many years refused to expose, in fact, Zhu Yilong circle girlfriend does not really exist, but a means of media propaganda only to see which actress intimacy is a romance.

Zhu Yilong later interviewed in an interview did not ring girlfriend, but no fell in love eight years time, he would not find the circle of girlfriend, think the two get along too little time, so I still find a girlfriend outside the circle Better point. However, he and Yang Rong have worked twice, when asked to meet everyone's life-long life.

Zhu Yilong and Yang Rong Chuan rumored to be the most, and the two are also very good standing together, not like a good friend, but feel more like a lover, but they really are real good friends. Saying that Yang Rong will not find a boy so much younger than himself, but some people still hope that they can be together, after all, age is not a problem, like each other is the most important.