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Why so many people hate Guan Xiaotong?

Entertainment 2017-12-06 20:55:30 146

Guan Xiaotong does not like the people around more and more people.

The reason may not be because she took away the actor, more because after her performance is getting worse and better man.

We do not have the power to insult others at any time. We can objectively evaluate and say where we do not like, but it is really a dross.

So today, I just want to talk objectively about why many people do not like her. </ strong>

01. Performing too well in variety art. </ strong>

Many people began to do not like her because of this fast, she pulled the clothes led to Masi pure, hard shells elastic bomb to face pure red, pain to tears.

How to say this can not be justified. Even if the relationship is good, joking also have a degree.

In another variety of art, she invited foreign friends to interact, go up directly on the rejection must be past, how others ordered. You say he does not understand English hard must command tone, I think too far-fetched. A little English-based people know what should be the beginning of the tone with which someone asks for help.

It is also reasonable for others to refuse, after all, you want your loved one's children, people do not want you to kiss is also normal. But she directly rejected "shit." </ strong>

English teachers and we say, go abroad do not always "shit" in my mouth, no one will often say the word, it is not good very rude.

Maybe they have not taken care of Guan Xiaotong Guan Xiaotong angry, but first because Guan Xiaotong did not respect enough from the very beginning.

These are really not a "careless, straight character" can be over. </ strong>

02. Too much marketing </ strong>

We start with "national girl", "learn tyrants" and other words, do not know how many years saw her news.

Think about it, she has not played any major protagonist these years, but every minute of her hype about the marketing. Buy a hot search star to buy marketing articles understandable, but everything has a degree, every day to open the phone is you, no matter how good visual fatigue.

We know that you fall in love with Lu Han, we also know that you are a national girl, and we also know that you topped off the role of Yang Rong so many years, starred in phoenix phoenix.

We do not really want to see your news frequently. Is not the real fire to your eyes, we have a few. </ strong>

03. Poor performance </ strong>

Occasionally saw a "Love Aurora" fragment, a very angry very angry scene, I actually see laughter.

Too awkward, in fact, before I shape the role I liked.

She played "Promise" as a child, later the Sapo Girl in "The Big Man" and the Rebellious Girl in "Mr. Good" performed well and I always defined her as an acting school.

However, when I came into contact with her new work of "comeback" after her love, I thought about it. However, I still did not look at her acting scene afterwards. Really, I have nothing to say.

Friends later jokingly said to me, do you know why she played well in "The Big Man" and "Good Sir?"

Why do I say ah. He Hey smile: the character starred in ah.

Thought for no reason, she did feel and live in those two TVs really.

Kwan Xiaotong was still a kid cute, that day to see her childish, ambitious little look in the interview, really cute. </ strong>

04. Arrogance in Interview </ strong>

An interview two days ago saw that at the Fourth Silk Road Film Festival just past, Guan Xiaotong had a very confident speech.

The reporter asks how she thinks of the outside world's discussion of the acting of young actors, and she replies: "Those who are diss of others" question me before I look at what it is like. "</ Strong>

She said she questioned her people standing on the sidelines, emphasizing that young actors are constantly trying to learn, should make mistakes.

We have never said we can not make mistakes, nor do we deny anyone's efforts. But if you say the effort is the result of "Aurora Love," we really do not accept it.

In addition, my college teacher in a teaching class requires that oral expressions such as "then" should not be frequently spoken in the language. When she said 96 "then" in her two-minute speech, I really can not stand it.

We listened to too many actors is not easy argument, but like Guan Xiaotong such dissatisfaction in the interview, I see for the first time.

This is not straightforward, and it may be a bit stealthy and somewhat arbitrary. </ strong>

The actor has never been a supremacy occupation. When you act, you act well, you have tears and tears in your own body. We always share the pain and misfortune for you. I saw you bare legs in the winter and saw you filming in the water. I sympathize with you and encourage you, but I think about the money we earn every month, and I think I still feel bad about myself.

The world is a bit of a tragedy if everyone wants to talk about their own problems. Quietly life, work hard, take the work to speak. </ strong>

Express their feelings, vent curse is easy, the most difficult to control their emotions. To say a few words wrong, people always say that they are born to learn to speak for a year, but they spend a lifetime in school to shut up.


In "Shawshank Redemption", Stephen King said:

These walls are fun. When you jail, you hate the walls around; slowly, you find yourself having to rely on it to survive.

I understand that the value of a person should not be measured in the worst of his day. </ strong>

But you always have a good day, you always learn to change slowly, we can wait for you, can not wait for you, we can let go, but we can not release a horse every day, we are not Put the horse.

No matter how good the cards are, you can not win the next time. When you play Landlords, there is a good card in my hand and a lot of bombs. I thought I won and mad. The more bombs I had in front of me, the more fickle my mind was and the more I lost the last. </ strong>