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Showbiz hidden "beauty bloggers", the original Tan Song Yun deep hidden ... ...

Entertainment 2017-12-06 17:27:07 117139

Recently, when Tan Song Yun, who plays the actress (Chen Zhen), appeared on the TV screen recently in the drama "Specialized Teacher" who is a fan of Fantastic Art. You may think that such a young 20-year-old girl acting really is Not bad! But if you really think that Tan Song Yun is a little girl at about the age of 20, then it is really wrong.

So cute cute Tan Song Yun, in fact, is already a 27-year-old girl. Has been debut more than 12 years, played a number of film and television her, it seems that from the age of 18, after a decade of sharpening years, years have not left any traces in her face. If you have to say what time has brought, that is, Tan Song Yun in pure add a touch of charm.

Maintain a 20-year-old girl's supple face, Tan Song Yun has its own unique secret. In addition to a variety of common skin care practices, Tan Song Yun beauty attainments, but also reached a master level. For beauty to achieve the reduction of age, Tan Song Yun has its own unique understanding and special methods. Next, we talk about Tan Song Yun's makeup while talking about her makeup.

"Specialized division" is Tan Song Yun's latest work. This drama is about makeup. In the drama of "Specialized Teacher", Tan Song Yun plays a cosmetics salesman who owns the martial arts dream from an early age (Chen Zhen). Take a look at Tan Songyun makeup stills makeup, did not see any traces of heavy makeup, but it is also delicate and comfortable, clear foundation effect, no exaggerated eye shadow and thick eyeliner, just right lipstick color, coupled with clear Looks and laughed cute apple muscle, just like a smart girl. Say she does not look too young at the age of sixteen or seven. So, Tan Song Yun how to do to maintain the value of girls like it?

First of all, let's take a look at Tan Song Yun's eye makeup. If you look closely, you can actually see Tan Song Yun large eye makeup, but the eyeliner is not very long and very clean, giving a very very very round very cute effect, so that the eye type was super girl, significant effect of age reduction . Look at the picture below, this is the drama Tan Song Yun and the same as the cosmetics sales girlfriend Wang Wei's stills. Tan Song Yun and her little four year-old Wang Kui framed, who looks younger these two people?

Tan Songyun and Wang Tuan from another stills, two wearing the same overalls, but the makeup of the different makes Tan Songyun looks younger than Wang Tuan. On the bridge of the nose and apple, Tan Song Yun has a less obvious mark of playing high light, so that the face can look more full, looks full of collagen. The picture shows the two were ordered to complete the sales target of 200,000 under the leadership, which may have bothered two people, but this also paved the way for Tan Songyun contact special effects make-up.

Life, Tan Song Yun has always loved the orange lip makeup, orange can be a good show the girl's breath, highlighting the sun, sweet and vitality, but also reduce the age of the big kill. It is precisely because the usual deep attainments in beauty, Tan Song Yun can at this age, no pressure to hold the role of 20-year-old or even 17-year-old girl. Tan Yun Yun figure should be used Armani 400 #, significant effect of age reduction. If you like YSL, it has been recommended YSL14 fire, but also a very young girl orange Oh.

"Specialized division" and Zhang Danfeng take the game, Tan Song Yun was set off in 1981 by Zhang Danfeng as a juvenile girl. Tan Song played Chen Zhen and Zhang Danfeng played the specialization leader Wang Yi a series of sweet disputes. It is said that now Zhang Danfeng and Tan Song Yun has a variety of kiss wall boom, sweet to burst! However, Zhang Danfeng does not look 36-year-old, perhaps learning with Tan Song Yun makeup under the age of Cheats! Zhang Danfeng is Tan Songyun's boyfriend and master, while outside the play, Tan Songyun is also called "Uncle Dan". Tan Song Yun after beauty is not only looks like 20-year-old girl, but also exudes the girl's breath inside.

Tan Song Yun's beauty is the more elegant kind of evening makeup, and if you prefer a little thicker makeup sister, want to reduce age, you can also choose this year's very popular pink series from the dimension. Pink series is also a representative of young and energetic girl makeup, green with purple makeup before the milk uniform color, Max Factor see-through powder makeup, coupled with pink lips and lips, full of girl atmosphere. Of course, the pink series more flirtatious atmosphere, most people still prefer the girl makeup Tan Song Yun, beautiful and lively taste, lovely young not exaggerated.

Beauty blogger Tan Song Yun, in their 27-year-old still has the envy of 20-year-old girl beauty, the girls still not fast moving to learn it? If you want to learn the beauty of Tan Song Yun skills, then go to "specialization division," a good copy of it!

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