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Tencent agent "H1ZI" official online, announced December 8!

Game 2017-12-06 13:38:33 7381

Yesterday, after experiencing a platform-wide ban on broadcasting and lock-up areas, the key word "h1z1" was officially banned in Weibo.

Just in time, Tencent officials released a new survival contest competitive online games official website booking link. The page shows quite ambiguous, saying "the first place to skydiving." Alleged that this is the originator of the Great Escape game h1z1.

Earlier rumors have said that Tencent has won the "H1Z1" proxy, waiting for the game's rectification plan and the official announced an appointment link: http://shengcun.qq.com/.

Yesterday there is internal news revealed that on Friday there will be official news agency h1z1 Tencent.

From h1z1 inside the circle Guinness skin microblogging view, h1z1 this project seems to be responsible for the project by the Tencent anti-war project.

Tencent since the national agent announced the "Jedi survival", in a short period of continuous force, launched a variety of "eating chicken" games, intent to quickly seize the market. Have to make people sigh money really can do whatever they want.

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