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I'll tell you that Zhao Yun going out of the sewer is not worth playing

Game 2017-12-01 13:22:27 76

Zhao Yun now one of the three sewers version of the handsome skills Shuai handsome touching! The same equipment, others can play 20 e, afraid I was only half of him. But this does not stop me from playing Zhao Yun's heart, hurt handsome enough handsome on the line, secretly entertain themselves.

So what is the harm of Zhao Yun in the end, is it really not to play? Test field test wave hurt to tell you that three drugs without pets, stopwatch hit a wave of 105 void, one or two stiff test too long not to test, 5s a little bit more I dumped eight skills, is it possible to count one Small advantage, because I can use cloud skills to rub large skills, not just to find a shadow instead of casting their own magic, and then you can cast a big skill.

Are painted spray pigs set, others easily on the 20e skills, I 13e wandering, there is no comparison there is no harm, secretly crying wave. Damage is inseparable from the build, what are my equipment to create it? Only to tell you the level of well-being, enchant coat 35 martial arts, underwear 45 physical attack, Belt shoes National Pearl, Shoulder 23 objects attack, jewelry enchants 20 fire, weapons Casillas. The whole body 6 Scarlet 10, 12 weapons, Trance 10,10,12, Pet Equipment Spring Festival.

Well-off players a body, the body is too serious dilution of the stack, the attack 88 chaos earrings are not hurt, the mainland's yellow chasing burst follow the weapons of yellow burst chase will have a certain degree of dilution. Buff is the core of its own white, I heard that it will decay, add up the body fast white 120, a white brother is not blowing.

Zhao Yun so many shortcomings, then Zhao what are we worth to play it?

First, the dress is simple and rude, the degree of access is quite simple

Warlords 6 plus 20 very easy to pile, my fashion did not come in handy and many positions are not heap level, why, because the future of green gas can improve one percent, I prepared in advance.

Second, easy to get started

Zhao Yun is different from the Soul Calibur, Soul Calibur 6's injury explosion, all kinds of monkeys, playing dishes that they are sewers, so that we really sewer like this! Zhao Yun do not need a monkey, there is no monkey place, at most, you have a tyrant monkey play.

Third, we must strengthen, strengthen, and strengthen

National dress version of a delay in care, Han Zhao Zhao first to strengthen the front-line occupation, and then cut a small wave of second-tier, the results of the national service but also to wait until the magic gun two new occupations after two enhance, for our sewer career Really do not pay attention!