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After the end of World War II, quacks destroyed the Soviet space hegemony

Science 2017-12-06 08:55:10 9

After World War II, both the United States and the former Soviet Union believed that anyone who has the ability to send satellites and human beings into space first is a symbol of the superpower. However, little-known is that these two top scientists actually were "criminals" background!

It is reported that the chief scientist responsible for the United States space program von Brown is actually a Nazi scientist, he has used prisoners in Nazi concentration camp to help him produce V2 rocket. Coincidentally, Korolev, chief scientist in charge of the former Soviet space program, was also a "criminal". As a rocket engineer, he was stabbed into a former Soviet labor camp during Stalin.

After Korlaif was "invited out of the mountains" by the former Soviet government and the United States von Brown started the space rocket competition, the first goal of the two great powers is to first send the satellite into space. Korolev developed the R-7 rocket. In October 1957, the R-7 rocket flew into space with the first human satellite. In 1961, von Brown finally decided to test his new rocket, the Saturn V rocket with 1.5 million pounds of thrust; however, Korolev produced an N-1 rocket with a boost of up to 10 million pounds.

However, in 1966, the trend of the U.S.-Soviet space hegemony suddenly began to turn, and the United States began to overreach the Soviet Union. That year, Korolev even survived to the former Soviet doctors, "medical"! Originally, life in Siberian camp led to Korolev got a disease. In January 1966, a 59-year-old Korolev suddenly passed away in a hospital, officially claiming to be a cancer in the glands of Korolev. However, according to a friend of Korolev disclosed that Korolev is doing hemorrhoid surgery, because of the doctor's mistake and died in vain.