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How should our children deal with the future of artificial intelligence challenges?

Psychological 2017-12-06 09:05:38 11

Now when everyone mentions artificial intelligence, he feels that the society in the future will be terrible and people will want to grab a business with the machine. But in fact there is really no need for such anxiety. Twenty years ago, we did not even know that there was something called a cell phone that could help us make money. When we first came into contact with the computer, we did not even know that the Internet could do many things for us besides playing games. But in fact, it is not the machine that controls the world, or is the person behind the machine controlling the world? That is to say, we can make the child the man behind the machine, not the positive to challenge any artificial intelligence. Daniel Pinker, the author of "New Thinking" by the American futurist and trend expert, said: "The world has entered a time of high sensitivity and high concept from the era of high reason of the past. When the AI ​​can handle most of the left-brain work, Only sensuality and innovation allow you to gain the "human" advantage.

Therefore, in the future professional world, the phrase "we should study mathematics well and go all over the world" we once believed may be too one-sided. In our previous social formations, what we may need is rational thinking to change the world, and in the future we need to change the world with our emotional right brain. Classical teachers once said that in the future, the six most important abilities include empathy, design, integration, storytelling, fun and sense of meaning.

Daniel Pinker's statement is: First, not only function, but also re-design; Second, not only arguments, but also the story; Third, not only talk about professional, but also integration; Fourth, Not only serious, but also playful; Sixth, not only to make money, but also meaning.

So, ah, we now bring the baby, not just to pay attention to the academic performance of the baby, but also need to cultivate children's ability from these angles.

First: design sense. The future of society, the low end of the physical strength of the work done by the machine, but no matter what kind of machine, can not have the design ability. Therefore, the design sense must be our "people" to have the advantage. Not only have beauty, but also need to use the empathy of the ability to design products more humane, this is the future trend of development. This area can make children more exposure to some fun things, including visual guidance.

Second, the ability to tell stories. Needless to say, all good people are storytellers. And is it easy to train our children to tell the story? We want to develop the habit of reading children, and let them learn to output, that is, tell you the story, I believe you have a solution.

Third, the ability to integrate. This is a little bit advanced, in fact, is the child's ability to think, this we talk slowly.

Fourth, empathy. In fact, at present, we all agree that the ability to discuss empathy is very important. Parents need to see their children's feelings and feel their children's emotional expressions. In fact, empathy is simply the ability to stand in the perspective of others to think about the issue. This ability will bring us great gains in our future life. Therefore, starting from parents, we should learn to think from a child's point of view, so that they can learn empathy.

Fifth, fun. That is, in the future, you will not only be able to play, but also play and be able to make one thing fun, which in itself is a highly emotional thing. So, why is it important to have kids play well when you're young, you know.

Sixth, a sense of meaning. The sense of meaning is actually related to the ability to lead and receive oneself, that is to give oneself another person or to give something of great significance to a goal. This ability is also quite rare ah.

Well, Mom and Dad, start cultivating your highly emotional kids.