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The Huangmei opera "grab" Huanggang Rally

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The development and development of the Huangmei Opera in eastern Hubei Province is an undisputable fact. However, only the list of the first intangible cultural heritage publicized by the State Council is located in Anqing City and there is no Huangmei County in Hubei Province. If there is no dispute after the expiry of one month from the public announcement, press the conclusion and make it public. In order to "grab" the reputation rights of the national non-material cultural heritage of Huangmei Theater, the leaders of Huanggang Municipal Party Committee, the CDU and a group of artists started the race against time.

Returning to February 23, 2005, I was performing in the countryside and received a telephone call from Zhou Hui, vice dean of the Provincial Academy of Art. He said anxiously to me: "You saw the first batch of countries that the Ministry of Culture published on the Internet What is the list of intangible cultural heritage? "I did not answer. Weekly low tone to tell me: "Huangmei opera intangible cultural heritage in the name of only Anqing City, there is no Huangmei County." I do not believe and said: "how is it possible?" Zhou will certainly say: "is true. "I am anxious, busy asked:" What is the reason? "" I heard that Hubei did not declare. "I asked:" You told me what is the point of this matter? "Zhou with a pleading tone, said: You come forward to save the matter back. "I hesitated:" You are vice president, but also in the Provincial Academy of Arts, you come forward is not better? "Zhou said:" I do not know you the opera theory If you study the Huangmei opera for many years, you can come up with powerful arguments.However, if the Huangmei opera in Hubei is not included in the national intangible cultural heritage, what is the point of Hubei doing Huangmei opera so hard?

This sentence touched my sore. Yeah, in the past two decades, Hubei is shouting, "Please return the Huangmei opera to her parents." If the country can not be sure that Huangmei originated in Hubei, "please go back to her parents" is not a joke? It seems I really have to do something for the real name of the Hubei Huangmei opera, so I promise to do my best.

I immediately press the online address, wrote to the Ministry of Culture, Social and Cultural Library Division, elaborated on the Huangmei originated in Huangmei County, Hubei Province, the reasons and arguments, I hope the Ministry of Culture to conduct an in-depth investigation and understanding of the situation in the birthplace of Huangmei opera add yellow plum county. Then I called to ask Huangmei County Cultural Bureau why there is no declaration. The reason for their reply is that they can not get the declaration fee.

The situation is clear and time is too tight. Only direct reporting to the Ministry of Culture can change the situation. Only Huanggang Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government can reverse the situation. Just held the second day of Huanggang City NPC, CPPCC meeting, so I appointed the city when the CPPCC Vice Chairman, NCR Huanggang Shi Shulan stated the situation, put forward the name of the people's communes Huanggang Municipal Committee to write proposals to the two sessions, Shi Rulan agreed. After the proposal was written, Shi Rulan said: "It is too late for you to follow the normal procedure. You wrote a letter in your own name to the proposal. I gave it to the party secretary and other leaders and asked them to implement it."

When he was secretary of the municipal party committee Duan Yuanming read the letter, said that this history and future generations are responsible for the matter, no money should do it. He immediately instructed in my letter: to declare quickly and upward, and please anytime the Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Lu Yan group supervision. Lu Yanqun asked Huangmei county party secretary to handle the matter promptly.

Huanggang Municipal Party Committee under the leadership of the correct decision-making and support, we have a strong incentive to race with time. The next day, Huangmeixian sent a deputy mayor Huangmei County with the heads of departments and experts in culture, boarded the train to Beijing. The comrades in charge of the Ministry of Culture saw the materials submitted by Huangmei County and found that Huangmei Opera originated in Huangmei County, Hubei Province. On June 6, 2006, the State Council announced the first batch of non-material cultural heritage lists. In addition, Huangmei County, Hubei Province, was included in the columns of the Huangmei opera's origin.