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"General in the" Liu Xi sounding sacrifice for Ye Zhao wake up, she wanted to knock the fetus, Zhao Yujin came

Entertainment 2017-12-05 19:20:14 75

The generals starring Masi Chun and Sheng Yilun are on the hit. In the latest episode, Ye Zhao finds herself pregnant, but she is now in a special period of resistance to Xixia. If she wants to keep her fetus in her abdomen, Can not fight, if the fetus destroyed, the military persuade her may never be pregnant.

Between the lives and flesh and blood of the officers and men of the armed forces, Ye Zhao, who used to move forward, has retreated. On the other hand, Liu Xi-yin seduced Xi Xiawang and Prince Edward with the beauty. On the surface is the mistress of the two. In fact, she was telling her about the military affairs of Ye Zhao. She knew that there were 200,000 reinforcements in the rear of the Xixiajun Army. king.

When the two ambassadors became concubines overnight, when the messengers of the Song Dynasty came to peace talks, they deliberately insulted the incompetence of the Song people and thus approached the messenger to put a letter in his hand. Ye Zhao got important information that made her thunderbolt This letter is a cousin's extraordinary pen!

Ye Zhao speculation Liu Xi-yin want to die as a martyrdom, the greatest possible is to assassinate the Western Xia Wang, causing chaos within the Xixia, Ye Zhao feel ashamed, his parents can sacrifice for the Song, the uncle can sacrifice, the soldiers can sacrifice, and even cousin Can sacrifice, why her own children can not sacrifice, can die on the battlefield, is the supreme glory of Ye family!

In order to rescue Liu Xi-yin as soon as possible and repel the Western Xia Jun, Ye Zhao finally decided to drink the tiger wolf medicine to destroy the fetus, but at this time Zhao Yujin came to the barracks, fearing the anger of Ye Zhao pot pushed to the military, escaped a difficult !

The arrival of Zhao Yujin successfully solved the problem of Ye Zhao. He first fake Ye Zhao, sits in front of the army, deterring the enemy, and really Ye Zhao secretly sneaked into Xixia, sonic attack east of Sicily should be co-opted strategy, the successful defeat of Xixia, Zhao Yujin in this battle experienced nine deaths, and finally survived .

However, Liu Xi Yin but eliminate incense jade, Ye Zhao is still a step late, can only listen to her last words!