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Shawn married, we are romance, weibo comments but this kind of

Entertainment 2017-12-05 18:30:00 67

Beijing time December 5, 2017 at 16:50, the actor Shawn Yue bask on the microblogging drying wedding, and with the text that the wife is the best person is to bring him positive energy and happiness. Many girls once again broken love!

Mrs. Yu Wang Tongyun is the daughter of Taiwan's Belt King. At the end of 16, the two sides came out with sex scandals. The two held a wedding in Melbourne in January and a public love affair in February. They took out a wedding photo today.

The following article in the microblogging sun drying out the wedding, the first heat evaluation is not a blessing, is "a romance of hands"; the second is from Chen Kun's blessing, followed by the third is Ni Ni's congratulation; then Aside from Shu Qi's blessings, it turned out to be interesting because the relationship between Shawn Yue and Peng Yuyan has been very good, so after his marriage, Peng Yuyan's fans can be together with Peng Yuyan.

Then a little unpleasant view is that fans really can not believe that variety, the same remarks, "I cried more than Zhou Yu rain also sad." This will make the parties a bit embarrassed, this is 2017, and others believe that reality show?

The most funny is Angelababy, her comments only four thousand praise, we all think of her as a high imitation, and many fans can not fish to go fishing, really silly three years!