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No heavy weight training, but also build a strong pectoral, but you need to know both

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When training in the chest, many people tend to do heavy bench press, birds and other movements, but this is a misunderstanding. Because if you have a problem with your movement, simply increase the weight, you still can not activate your pectoral muscles, even if the weight is smaller than the weight, you are more likely to feel the thigh but not the ideal muscle contraction.

Therefore, what we want to say today is that the method of training the strong breasts with a small weight can grasp the effective training method. Even if you increase the weight in the later stage, as long as the guarantee is correct, the effect of progress will be obvious .

1, pre-start the chest muscle

Pectoral muscles start the correct posture, chest height should be higher than the shoulder. Why do a lot of people doing bench press, always feel the arm more sour, weight-bearing small weight does not feel on the chest, the key is not pre-activated chest muscle.

Your initial posture is wrong, it is recommended to do bench press, you can control the mirror, take a look at his shoulder and chest position. If the shoulder position higher than the chest, it is more like a round shoulder, hair force, the shoulders will participate more.

But if you force your shoulders backwards, your shoulders will be depressed and your chest muscles will be higher, at which point your chest muscles will be on, and your chest muscles will dominate as soon as you start to do something that causes your muscles to contract The likelihood is higher.

In addition to changing posture, but also take the initiative to start the chest muscles, independent efforts to make the armpits tighter. This action looked more shy to do, but it is very useful.

As long as the stability of the arm does not shake, the conscious control of the chest muscles under the armpits, so that more muscle tension. If you have a prototype of the pectoralis muscle, is almost the extent that you can shake the chest, so be considered to control the pectoral muscles start.

The benefits of this action is not only to start the chest muscles, but also can use this action to keep the muscles tight, when the beginning of the action, the chest muscles can participate more and practice more.

2, to enhance the role of income

In the bench press, the power of the pectoral muscles will naturally drive the upper arm, we want to do is not to force the upper arm, but let the arm more than the body, by enhancing the adduction of the arm to increase the contraction of the pectoral muscles.

Specific how to do it? First, change the direction of dumbbells, when you lift the dumbbells to the top, if you do not change the direction of the dumbbells, dumbbells at both ends of the relative horizontal position, there is still a lot of empty between the arms, chest contraction did not reach the most compact position.

However, if you turn the dumbbells, holding your dumbbells relative to one another, it is clear that the arms are crossing the body more and the pectoral muscles shrink to the center more strongly.

Then, in addition to shortening the distance between the dumbbells, and enhance the role of adduction, but also to shorten the distance between elbows. At this point, you need to focus on your biceps, which actually involve more biceps when lifting the dumbbells, and the elbows are closer if you can get your biceps closer together.

When the dumbbell down, the elbows open slightly outside, so that the chest slightly pre-contraction, and then raise the dumbbells, so that the biceps close to each other, down, the elbows are still out, you will feel this Even harder than usual, even though the dumbbells you use are lighter than usual.

So, do not feel shame on weight training will be shameful, in fact, if more training area can be targeted, your training effect is many times stronger than the blind load, but also to use the heavy weight behind to train, will also be helpful.