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Chow Yun-Fat and "was killed!" After his death will donate 5.6 billion of all property, why curse him

Entertainment 2017-12-05 16:36:27 94

Every other entertainment will be heard a star "was killed" message, this is the turn of Chow Yun Fat!

In the evening of December 3, there was a public notice for attention to the eyeballs and a rumor that Chow Yun-fat's death in Hong Kong was invalidated because of medical treatment. A group of photos was also uploaded to the internet. A female anchor in the photo covered the topic " : "A generation movie actor Zhou Rui-fa yesterday died of ill treatment in Hong Kong" news, coupled with Chow Yun-fat in "God of Gamblers" in the classic image, suddenly caused a great uproar.

But may be rumors of the heart, the title has Chow Yun-fat "Run" labeled as "leap"!

In order to make the news appear to be true, the rumor square also put P a number of friends attended the so-called photo of the funeral scene, means despicable, deception!

Although many young people can discern this false rumor, the circle of middle-aged and old-aged friends has spread.

After the news came out, some Hong Kong media asks for the truth about the issue of the actress in the first time. When she heard the news, she was repeatedly denied that she was shocked by the news. She replied: "Great luck, my husband Well, I'm resting at home now and I do not know how healthy it is. "

This is not the first time Fat Chow was "dead". Before Chow Yun Fat was rushed to death, some doctors in Hong Kong responded to the social media: Fat brother's health status, no problem at 90! Do not worry!

Chow Yun-Fat as one of the benevolents in the entertainment circle, due to the marriage with her daughter Chen Huailian 31 years, no child under the knee, after the release in 2010 on the death donated all the property, the recent interview with the Hong Kong media fat sister also Confirmed the news "has set up a good charitable fund, all net worth 5600000000 yuan, will be 100% donated, one point does not leave"!

Chow Yun Fat, who is so generous and open-minded about charity, has often been photographed by the media on the street wearing slides of $ 10. This year, he has seldom made patchwork at the age of 62, leaving time and his wife to enjoy life. Friends exercise, really satisfied!

This world is always filled with malice for the good and cursed the death of others. This is the most vicious thing to do and should be punished severely for those who use the rumor to increase their exposure! Finally, good for the Chow Yun Fat couple like!