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Qiu He Nan bed kiss the Dragon King you die a day was quietly watching the light screen is very spicy

Entertainment 2017-12-05 15:31:40 153

Network drama "Dragon King, you're dead," is about to hit the play, a player in the play a long time Qiu HeNan aroused everyone's attention, he has a large-scale bed kisses in the play. One of the Dragon and Zhang Jingmei, but happy lovers, because a picture of Zhang Jingmei has become a "slave" of the dragon, in an accident, the dragon a day was Zhang Jingmei to see the light.

It is understood that Qiu He-nan in the "Dragon Day you are dead set," but a rich bully, but it can not stop the school girls love him, and even shouted to marry him, but no one of the Dragon no one Like it, but like a happy friend Zhang Jingmei. Although the Dragon and Zhang Jingmei ending together, but their road to love is very rough.

Qiu Henan looks very handsome, it is consistent with this one of the Dragon, because sometimes see Qiu Henan this man is ruffian, and will often give you wink, so many girls will be fascinated. It is learned that Qiu Henan actually Wang Junkai's fellow, which is simply shocking, it seems Qiu Henan future will be a red one day.