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Xi Mengyao confirmed her love reality show and open boyfriend standards, netizens commented bright

Entertainment 2017-12-05 13:48:23 59

Meet Xi Meng Yao He Jun? Xi Mengyao public boyfriend standard? excuse me? Did I remember it wrongly? She is not falling! Why do you still have time to fall in love?

Xi Mengyao supermodel, if not we have come, I really do not know this man, but having said that if it is not we come, it will not be handed Na Na how straightforward.

Before Nana in the fast there are many topics about her and Wu Xin, this time to come forward to speak for the old Xi, do not know is good or bad?

Xi Mengyao fell, burst a wave of entertainment, only to find that we Xiaoming popularity was so amazing, do not go entertainment is hard ah!

However ... ... Yuan Hong, are you comforting the consideration of Hu Ge's feelings? ? ?

Weichao big show opening soon, Chen Xue Dong set out to see the show before the show in the micro-Bo and Xi Mengyao funny photos earlier, and PS: I give you cheer on the stage, the last breath should be enough. Xi Mengyao said: What is China's good friends, good friends? I thought I wanted to announce what happened!

Suddenly emerge a good friend to the top Jun is also stunned surprised a moment, saying it is also God's presence.

Xi Meng Yao Wei Mi fell that night, Chen Xue Dong Xi Meng Yao microblogging Xi drying out in the anointing images, Xi Mengyao also replied crying expression. Comments on this user comparable to Sherlock Holmes exploration case, can be described as extremely exciting!

After the incident of foreign media coverage, "the most serious car accident scene in the history of Vital Signs," Xi Mengyao also issued a document that disappointed everyone.

Xi Meng Yao also said after a show that if you fall over the consequences will be retired.

Fall event also came to an end, then again broke the news, many netizens recently met in Macau, supermodel Xi Mengyao and gambling king son He Jun. Xi Mengyao a good mood, brilliant smile, He Jun is served as a curse on the side of the angel. The two have been witnessed travel to Japan before, the relationship seems a little intimate Oh.

That good tendon strain it? Can love be cured? That is really the world's unique medicine ah!

However, gambling king son gambling king son, maybe people really are friends pinch, after all, Xi Mengyao also said they will participate in love reality show and disclosed her boyfriend standards, I hope the other side do not like because of their own models.

It can be said that supermodel is not the same, fall immediately stand up unambiguously!

It seems that in the future, Vimeo can still be just around the corner, after all, I heard that Vimeo is quite optimistic about the degree of topic, presumably this throw will become the story of the future!

However, Supermodel love reality show is not never seen before the big cousin Liu Wen and Choi Siyuan together to participate in "we love each other," the success of the pomegranate couple, it can be said is really the big long legs of the legendary match!