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"Slight smile 2" will be shot, Zheng Shuang quit her as a woman, netizen: must chase!

Entertainment 2017-12-05 14:31:05 23

Recent news came out last year hit the "slight smile is Allure" due to high response to the second part of the clear news, and Zheng Shuang explicitly want to withdraw, but the woman replaced her, netizens still said they must chase .

But who is going to be Tony Pico is also a topic of concern to users, after all, Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang, the Allure couple summarized all the roles too complete, but also firmly grasp the hearts of the masses.

So everyone for the "smile" is the second part of the expectations is very high, after all, there are many female stars also aimed at the drama of the heat and the IP, before the woman also came out by Reese Gerber, Zhang Tianyi starred, and Zhang Xueying is also a popular candidate, although to Derev Lapa starred in the highest voice, but she did not have the youthful temperament, see more antipathy, really not very suitable for this role.

From this there is no definite message, but according to internal sources, in fact, Zhao Li Ying replaced Beckham once again to replace this role, when netizens have informed of this news have said that if she is to star in, we will come to join .

After all, Zhao Liying and Zheng Shuang are both acting and beauty artists in one set, Zhao Liying starred in "Chu Chuan" Chu Chu performed vividly, so that the audience relish.

Say she did not star in this role, should try, do not know how we feel it? If she is participating in "smiled 2", we will see it?