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Women eat so healthy and beautiful!

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Women's beauty should not only be piled up cosmetics, but should be protected by the health body escort beautiful inside and outside, so women do not just stay in the shopping clothes to buy the outer layer, but to understand how to healthy diet, exercise conditioning Etc., let yourself distribute the unique charm!

The following recipes for women are usually enough to eat: </ strong>

1, dried celery </ strong>

Calcium is very important to human health. If calcium deficiency in women not only affects the normal posture of women, but also poses a threat to emotions. Many women, in order to maintain body fat diet and irregular diet, will lead to calcium deficiency. Therefore, To eat some dairy products, soy products, nuts and dark fruits and vegetables to supplement calcium.

2, tomato sirloin </ strong>

Many women are often tired, in fact, this may be caused by iron deficiency anemia, in addition to unexplained fatigue, as well as cold, resistance, decreased attention, etc. Therefore, in the normal diet Pay attention to iron, for the mood, attention and so have improved female iron can choose meat, animal offal and animal blood products, these foods contain heme iron absorption and utilization rate is relatively high. Although some plant-based fruits and vegetables also have iron, but the human body utilization is relatively low.

Tomato sirloin iron effect, good taste, beef fat content is not high, but the heme iron content is not low, tomatoes contain vitamin C and lycopene, more conducive to the absorption of iron.

3, spinach tofu </ strong>

Female breast cancer has become one of the biggest hindrances to women's health, which is inseparable from the female friends' own eating habits, physical activity and emotions. Prevention of breast cancer, to moderate consumption of fruits and vegetables, cereals and other foods, can postpone the rise in postprandial blood glucose, reduce the risk of obesity, on the other hand these foods can inhibit cell proliferation, prevent cancer.

Regular consumption of soy products, good for breast cancer prevention </ strong>, helps control estrogen and reduces the risk of breast cancer; folic acid foods also reduce the risk of breast cancer. So spinach tofu is a star combination to prevent breast cancer. Of course it's best to cook spinach for a while. Some people worry that there is a risk of stones being eaten with spinach tofu. In fact, there is absolutely no scientific basis for this. Do not worry.

4, mushrooms soy beans </ strong>

Many women have problems with constipation, which can lead to dull skin, acne, spots and more. </ strong> The general reason for constipation is due to too little dietary fiber intake, lack of water. So eat some fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, coarse grains, for the intestinal motility has a very good role in promoting. In vegetables, fungi and fresh beans are rich in fiber, so women may wish to eat some mushrooms in normal soybeans, both to relieve constipation, but also to protect the intestine.

Benefiber Dietary Supplement 261 g / 74 (2 teaspoons each time) All natural, odorless, sugarless, water soluble, laxative detox </ strong>

Benefiber dietary fiber powder, all-natural tasteless sugar-free, contains water-soluble dietary fiber that is completely soluble in beverages and foods and can be blended with any food without changing the taste and texture of the food or beverage. Can be added to coffee, juice, yogurt or any food you want to add, which is good for defecation.

5, millet pudding </ strong>

At present, insomnia seems to have been very common, especially in the workplace women and middle-aged and older women groups, suffering from sleep disorders are widespread, insomnia for many reasons, such as stress, poor eating habits, living environment may cause insomnia, long-term Insomnia will not only reduce the value of Yan, but also lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and a variety of cancer, in the diet, the amount of B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, tryptophan can help sleep.

Millet rice pudding is a good "sleep aid food", mainly including millet, rhubarb rice, oats, peanuts, lotus seeds, longan, dried dates, wolfberry, etc., Nutritious, especially suitable for indigestion, insomnia and other groups.

6, red beans oatmeal </ strong>

Losing weight is a never-ending topic in the world of women. Some women do not eat staple food for quick weight loss, but such weight-loss methods may not be as overweight as they will rebound after returning to normal diet. And long-term non-staple food, but also lead to inadequate intake of vitamins, protein, minerals, aging, poor skin quality, hair loss, irritability, memory loss </ strong>. Therefore, diet to lose weight, such as a reasonable choice of food, both to provide nutrition, but will not lead to nutritional imbalance.

More suitable for weight loss staple foods include three categories, one is rich in starch beans </ strong>, such as red beans, kidney beans, satiety, digestion slow, but also add protein; Is a coarse food </ strong>, including buckwheat, oats, brown rice, etc., of which oats, buckwheat best weight loss, and is rich in vitamins, minerals, etc .; three is potato and vegetables, etc. </ strong> Such as sweet potatoes, yams, potatoes and so on. Strong sense of fullness, but also contains vitamin C, potassium and other elements. So women want to lose weight, you can choose red beans oatmeal as the staple food. But also pay attention to intake, do not eat.