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Yang Yang ex-girlfriend, not the blast is not fire, and Dunlun cp inadvertently inserted Willow Cheng!

Entertainment 2017-12-05 12:31:41 75

Li Qin, a tender flower, traffic can not keep up Ying Po, Yang Zi, hot Palestinian, Nazha and other small sister, but in the entertainment is not "fledgling", while the former ex-boyfriend Yang Yang fire do not want, sister But also embarrassed to wander in the second and third line, and the wife of Dong Zijian much like a cafe can also be considered a bar, the value of the body is not lacking in the length of the identification may not be too high, sister scandal is not much, life is dull, Degree is not high, because Deng Lun career began "peak"? Two people in the show fake really?

Ninety after a sister Li Qin. The name Shui Ling, more gifted people, diligent filming in the entertainment industry for several years now, the starting point is also high Oh.

And Feng Feng Li Yi Feng cooperation "daughter return" is the female one, a father abandoned, stepmother bully daughter, almost the daughter of the family calculated to die from green tea all the way back into a "green tea bitch", laughter Tibetan sword performance really wonderful, Li Qin's very good grasp of the heat, so looking forward to my sister was born actor.

Li Qin is a ch and any handsome guy can be a group of cp, "we love it" and Wei Xiaoxun little pink is not let fans scream gradually, Wei Duxun's romance, Li Qin gentle shy, Xiaobian think of metropolis Blush, really face. Alas, after the show, cp "You take the sunshine road, I walk my single-plank bridge", fans sad slightly.

And Li Qin is not the most husband and wife with the big Hsuan friends, but Deng Lun little brother, where Dad Lun, Li Qin, small bamboo three small only with the box, like a great family, cute baby, Dad handsome , Mommy beautiful, high-value family was born, there should be applause! ! !

Li Qin sister and small Deng Lun is not very fit it, daddy powder caused a variety of yy, not afraid of friends, both are single, if together, are happy. Dunlund and Li Qin fit, where the daddy go crazy ratings ratings, Li Qin sister paper and Deng Lun dad is more important than oh. Annual cp worth seeing!

Dad where to practice parents completed, please parents really comment!