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"To the little beautiful" Jiang Chen Backlight toward Chen Xiao Xi and "ghosts" Kong Ying Backlight came, who is handsome

Entertainment 2017-12-01 12:16:55 795

Last night, "to us a simple little beautiful" story is not procrastinating, actually can in a short span of four experienced college sugar, work break up, three years of reunion, but on the 17 episode of high school, Xiao Bian is unable to Tucao

However, Dr. Jiang on the line, uniform temptation, fans while cheers

A set broadcast last night, Jiang Chen determined to restore Chen Xiaoxi, sent her back, walked toward Chen Xiao Xi

Jiang Chen in the backlight is really super handsome, phrase: "apologize to me" is really the last stubborn

And "there will be no next time," not only to warn Chen Xiaoxi not to leave his stubborn, but also he cautioned myself not to lose Chen Xiaoxi it!

The next step is to kiss you

However, Jiang Chen backlit step by step, as if walking in the heart of the girl

Xiaobian think before watching "ghosts," the most Soviet episode is the abduction of the hostess, the male leader came out from the backlight

Step by step, the expression is very angry

Proper model shelves, and T station catwalks like

Park Chan-lai's music, screen colors, called perfect, the classic hero to save the United States ah! (Click to hear)

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And is a double beauty crit

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