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World War II Italian armored division, surrender British rejected results defeat the British

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Speaking of World War II Italy, we are all very ridiculous, because we all think that Italy in World War II is basically a neglected country. Today I am going to tell a story about the battle of the Italian armored division, the Battle of Kobayai.

The campaign of the third phase of North Africa was an offensive campaign conducted by Rommel on March 31, 1941, when the Rommel Corps triumphed and launched a full-scale attack on the British. At the South Wing of the North African Corps in Rommel, 【Aries】 Armored division of the main Italian army defense, defense sites 【Gubi well】 defense strategy. The main task is to prevent the British breakthrough to form the encirclement of the Rom family is a very important strategic defense.

Italian Aries armored division, full name, the Italian 132 Arietts Arietts Division, Italy is one of the three armored armies in North Africa, the division commander Major General Mario Barrosta. The division has two tank regiment, one for the light tank L3 light tank regiment, the other by the Italian M13 medium tanks based tank mission. Anti-tank artillery owned, two artillery battalions, the artillery battalion is equipped with 75 mm 27L field guns, modified version of this artillery is, M42da75 / 34 Italian assault guns. Similar to the German M-3 F-type assault guns, the M42 self-propelled assault gun has almost the same firepower as the German Type 3 F-Type assault gun.

At that time, the Italian Ram Corps, with M42, 12 vehicles and 14 self-propelled M40 (M41) 75/18 assault guns formed an anti-tank artillery unit. There were also three M43 and 105 mm assault guns and two M43, 102 mm assault gun, composed of heavy artillery firepower. The above models are all variants of the Italian M-tank.

There was no doubt that the configuration of this armored division at that time represented the highest level of the Italian armored division and was one of the elite of the only three armored divisions in Italy at the time. At that time, the 22nd Armored Brigade of the British Army was pressing ahead of the Italian line of defense at the Gubai well. At that time, Major General Mario Barotta, the commander of the Italian Aries Armored Division, equipped with excellent equipment, suddenly did not mind either At the end of the fight, however, it is not easy to fight if not attacking the Germans. It is equivalent to selling the great General Rommel.

So Major General Mario Barrosta, commanding his men, came to see the British commanders to see if they could get them detoured or stopped. Unexpectedly, his guards just went out of position, the British military started a comprehensive suppression of artillery, a burst of shelling guns after a burst of shelling became sand, even slag can not see. Italy [Aries] Panzer division commander Major Mario Barotta, also smoked the British army artillery smoked his face ash, heart angrily a cross stomping, ordered a full counterattack, who do not know who ordered the Italian Out of front of the tank group, under the cover of the Italian artillery, with the British 22nd Armored Brigade came a tank battle. As a result, the Italian Panzer Division actually destroyed the British tanks in just two hours [79 tanks and wounded 53 British troops] The 22nd Armored Brigade was unprecedentedly hit hard. Italy lost only 43 M43 and M13 tanks.

Under the attack on the British wing of the southern wing of Italy, the Germans achieved unprecedented successes in the third stage of North Africa's campaign. The three salted fish of Italy during World War II stood up. In North Africa's battlefield, there were two and the rest took place In the east. In fact, the peace-loving Italians had consulted before the battle of the Kupi-Wells. If the British did not make such a hurry, they would be beaten if they were to be attacked in an in-depth and self-firing manner. The Italian army has always been fighting with one heart to discuss.

The Italian army's equipment was not bad indeed. The difference was the determination to desperately fight. The Italian army went to the front just following the directives of the state. Few civilians were bullied during the Second World War, and the massacre of civilians was carried out. The Italian army behaved in a rather punitive manner Even though they bear the reputation of Fascism and have not done anything to pervert good deeds.