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Exclusive news: Nike FTR10 will replace Magista in 2018

Sports 2017-12-05 10:58:00 255

Even dual football equipment network news In 2018 after the Russian World Cup, Nike's control flow football shoe Magista will cease to exist. After revealing this astonishing message to you, we once again decrypt Magista's successor, the all-new Nike Future 10 (FTR10).


According to reliable sources, the Nike Future 10 (FTR10) Elite will officially replace the Magista Obra II in July 2018. Just two years after the World Cup, just two years after the release of the Magista Obra and Opus II, Nike will introduce the new Future 10 (FTR10) soccer shoe line.

Although the name Future 10 originates from Magista, Future 10 (FTR10) can be seen as a reshaping of the line, which will continue to be endorsed by Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City, Belgium The man was also found wearing the Future 10 (FTR10) all-black test shoe during his recent training.

Nike Future 10 (FTR10) - Technical Features

This is the focus of everybody's attention. The Nike Future 10 (FTR10) was inspired by contemporary Nike players such as De Bruyne, introducing what is known as the Ghost Laces Low profile and modern structure. This also caters to the current trend of no shoelace design initiated by adidas.

And Adidas in the X 16 + PureSpeed ​​on the different, Nike Future 10 (FTR10) Ghost Laces ghost lace function is basically a second layer of knit vamp, in turn to replace the traditional shoelaces, thereby reducing the shoes The impact of the belt when hitting.

We boldly guess that Nike will implement Ghost Laces ghost shoelaces in more shoes in the future, and even become the standard of super-top shoes.

In addition, the Future 10 (FTR10) the most striking part is that it is more streamlined than the Magista II shoe body shape. The upper still retains a similar 3D texture design, but not so compelling, the distribution area is more uniform and reasonable.

The hot, high-top booties were preserved, but the Future 10 looks more traditional than Magista.

Nike Future 10 (FTR10) starting color

Since the Magista II debuted for the first time was one of the most exotic colors of the era, the Future 10 (FTR10) starter color will continue its tradition of using white, black, and red color schemes.

Nike Future 10 (FTR10) - Release Date

As mentioned above, the Nike Future 10 (FTR10) is not expected to be released before next year's World Cup in Russia, and we predict it will be the farewell tournament for Magista Obra and Opus second-generation soccer shoes during the World Cup. The debut of the white-red Nike Future 10 (FTR 10) should be in July 2018.

What do you think? Do you think Nike will replace Magista with Future 10 (FTR 10)? Please post your comments and comments in the comments below.