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"Sea animal husbandry mind" Dou Xiao was acclaimed natural acting acting God restored

Entertainment 2017-12-05 11:13:06 19

Directed by Cao Dun, Dou Xiao starred in the super series "Kyushu Sea Shepherd" in the recent hit, and played by Mu Xiao Han Jiang on the line, it is harvested Netizens fans and industry insiders Unanimously praised, won the "every act of acting online" good reputation, the outside world once again confirmed Dou Xiao in the works for the performance of dedicated and serious attitude.

Dou Xiao Xiao operation acting praise User: God restore Muru Hanjiang!

With the "Kyushu Sea Shepherd in mind" plot continues to unfold, Dou Xiao played as an adult Mu Mu Jiang formally on the line, it can be said that the instantaneous ring countless. The play, Dou Xiao Mu Mu Hanjiang body with the spirit of the market and perseverance endured the combination of both, there is no violation and sense. Muru Hanjiang and camp with Wang Yijia night camp, atmosphere nervous, so that all users feel thrilling, but also time and again set off a "clout sea" in the climax of the plot.

"Sea Animal Husband Yun Ji" action scenes have personally fight Dou Xiao fitness into daily

Recently, Dou Xiao also sun drying in the microblogging a daily fitness photos, photos, Dou Xiao wearing a black half-sleeved fitness clothes, perfect figure glance. Strong muscle lines on the arm, male hormones burst. For those who like hiking, climbing the snow-capped mountains, riding a motorcycle and many other outdoor sports Dou Xiao, keep the body has never been difficult, but many fans also leave a message feeling, "Dou Xiao is really in order to perform always insisted on maintaining such a perfect The body. "

It is understood that "sea animal husbandry mind" in many parts of Dou Xiao is a very heavy action drama, in order to better the screen effect, Dou Xiao fight for each scene personally fight, which also have a lot of high quality physical requirements. Directed by Cao shield also bluntly, did not think Dou Xiao will be so spell, even if the whole body is injured also still insisted on the studio; and "Haiyun Yun" crew some field staff also Dou Dou Chan praise, bluntly "He is Mu As domineering man as Han Jiang himself!