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Thin leg movement! 6 actions a day to reduce fat edema! (Included with tendons and leg massage)

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Thin leg movement

Xiao Bian today to share a tightening leg movement!

This exercise is suitable for all foot type people to do, whether you are muscle type, edema type or fat type, this action can tighten the lines of our calves.

We may have a concept, think the muscles of the lower leg can no longer exercise, Xiaobian also had this idea before, but then I found that the calf muscles did not reduce the outer layer of fat.

In fact, Xiaobian started early to do some yoga, aerobic exercise, local exercise and re-training. I found that in fact these exercises are not much of a problem.

However, after doing, you must stretch the muscles to relax the leg!

Xiao Bian think, the United States should understand how to tighten the muscles will be stretched.

Xiao Bian is also through this method to make their own feet look more average, so Xiao Bian hope can help to everyone! !

The first action: jump 50 times

Action points: do kick backward, each time to maintain forefoot landing. This can be a little warm-up action.


The second action: do 10 times on each side, a total of 20 times

Action points: the foot before one foot, the other foot backward, the front foot flexion of 90 degrees, knee flexion after the ground to the ground, only after the foot on the ground before the feet, each done, the back of the knee down, with less force , Do 10 times on each side.



The third action: alternating 50 times

Action points: standing, the foot of one foot raised, and then to the other foot, has been alternating, alternating 50 times.


The fourth action: do 10 times

Action points: open your feet, toes pointing out, slowly bend your knees to 90 degrees, and then raise the feet after the feet, and then down, do 10 times.


Fifth action: do 10 times on each side, a total of 20 times

Action points: kneeling on the ground, hands pressing the ground, one of the feet backward, the front of the ground, the body's center of gravity backwards, each side to do 10 times.



Sixth action: do 20 times

Action points: open your feet, the width of the plate, hands and waist, and then one foot to the other foot outside the position, the front of the foot to the ground, buckling his knees, do 20 times.


Enter Leg Stretching Now </ strong>

Stretching muscles is very important after all the foot movements have been done.

The first action: do 10 times

Action points: sit, feet straight, the hip muscles and then sit down, slowly upper body forward, hand toe, keep the back straight, slowly upper body forward, upper body can by Go left, then left to right, do 10 times.


The second action: while 5 seconds, a total of 10 seconds

Action points: the right knee on the left knee above the position, the straight foot, toes pointing to our body direction, once again straight back, the navel close to the thigh direction, the upper body to pull forward. This action can be more fully to pull the muscles after the calf. 5 seconds while holding a total of 10 seconds.



The third action: under the dog type, alternately 10 times

Action points: open your knees, sitting on the feet of your feet, the upper body lying forward to maintain the distance between the palms and the soles of the feet, slowly rise the buttocks, the ground before the feet, feet straight, the upper body to the thigh direction, buttocks Towards the ceiling. Then the left and right foot rotation slightly flexed his knees the other foot straight, after the foot of the ground, so that you can fully open the muscles after the calf. Alternate to do 10 times.


Finished stretching feet, feet as much as possible after the paste, to maintain 10 breathing.


Remember to finish all sports every time, but also with massage oil or BB oil, massage your feet to relax the muscles, each massage more than 15 minutes, this step is also very important yo! !


Well, today's package to tighten the leg movement, even stretching and massage to complete it! If we can persist, I believe soon we can see the effect of yo! ! !