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Because of her role as a Red Water Margin, but because of too publicity and annoying

News 2017-12-05 10:39:51 21

Text / Director

Things must be the opposite, everything should have the bottom line.

Outlaws of the Marsh make a lot of the original nameless actor overnight red hot, but some people can do after the red can have new works, continue his acting career. However, after some people are red, they continue to challenge the aesthetic bottom line of the general public and gradually become the target of dislike.

Water Margin remake a lot of versions, each version has its own characteristics, even if the story around the Water Margin adapted, have been welcomed by everyone, leaving a deep impression. For example, Wang Si Yi, such as Gan Tingting, for example, today, to say Gong Yue Fei.

To a certain extent, they are all successful actors, at least because the Water Margin let them into the public field of vision, into the entertainment front, from obscurity to overnight famous, each of them have resorted to every means. Of course, the Eight Immortals cross the sea each supernatural power, some people rely on their own understanding of the Water Margin figure, fully play one of the best roles, entirely by acting to conquer all, rely on the role to win recognition. However, some people rely on the sword to go astray, do not take the unusual way, rely on a bold performance to find their own sense of presence, no doubt, Gong Yue Philippines belong to the latter.

Have to admit that her role is indeed at a certain point is very close to the original description of characters in the Water Margin, the same face, unrestrained performance, to meet a lot of people imagine this role, but also to people Some reverie space, precisely because of this positioning, so that she played a role in all the actors who cast a trail of fire, so that they become different and other people.

And this direct result of the difference is that their reputation has risen, as well as the increase in earnings, the increase in exposure, which also brought her a lot of added value. Because of this way, she has gradually forgotten the essence of an actor, that is, the actors themselves rely on the work to speak, is to rely on acting to conquer, rather than by exaggerated modeling, out of the photo to find the presence .

Just like some people in our life, taking the shortcuts and getting used to it, we have forgotten that besides the shortcuts, there are still many ways to go. Although these roads are going to take more sweat, more efforts and more Time, but sticking on this way will make it easier for people to accept it, and will be more practical.

However, this is the human desire, when the very easy to get started, it is not going to do difficult things, because it is too costly.

As a result, Gong Yuefei farther and farther on this shortcut, she burst more and more gossip, more and more out of the show, more and more do not care about their own image, one hand to create the brand Destroy in your own hands.

However, one thing I have to admit, that is, she played the Water Margin characters, is indeed different from the previous role, giving a refreshing feeling. But things are like this, enough halted, point to date, do not go black one way, so sure is the absolute necessity.