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Ouyang Nana NASA return confidence, lazy acting technology ridicule mom shopping decompression

Entertainment 2017-12-05 10:43:08 34

The last night, Ouyang Nana representative in the United States NASA can be considered proud of, as the only representative of the entire Asian artists, Ouyang Nana was invited to attend the cello performance, and the famous American rapper Wizz Khalifa performed on the same stage " See You Again ". Even host Morgan Freeman was surprised at her performances. She could not even believe she was just a 17-year-old girl.

Ouyang Nana's visit to NASA finally proved her from her professional abilities. Although she was ridiculed at the "actor's birth", she could completely embark on the international stage on the professional level, Save a face and glory for the motherland.

Yesterday morning, engaged in entertainment photographer photographed in Taipei returned from NASA Ouyang Nana, assistant dragging luggage in front of the road guide, Ouyang Nana accompanied by mom walked fast, because of long-distance travel fatigue is really hard, Ouyang Nana not out of the airport door handle all the luggage to the assistant, a man walked slowly in the back.

Transfer nanny car has long been waiting in the airport parking area, Ouyang Nana and her mother out of the airport directly on the car, a pedestrian first went to the company made a simple arrangement. Photographers think they will immediately go home, is preparing to pack away when the equipment, but found Ouyang Nana did not go to the house, but went directly to the shopping mall, it seems the little girl really enjoy life, good mood she also I know shopping hard to work hard these days.

Subsequently, Ouyang Nana in the company of her mother went to the mall Shopping, went to a lot of luxury stores to pick clothes, from the first floor wandered to the second floor, as long as the appropriate credit card to buy, during this period Ouyang Nana also from time to time with friends Send information, but also for the other side of the show for a long time stupid funny action is very cute. For fans of the photo requirements, Ouyang Nana is also not come here, but also take the initiative to help her assistant took her photo with fans, very friendly and pleasant.

Finally, when the three mother and daughter come out, the hands are also large parcels, it seems Ouyang Nana this trip to buy a very happy shopping, she was quite profitable pace significantly faster, it seems shopping for women Really the best way to decompression.