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Chinese referee angry beat Japanese boxer? Do not provoke them to boxing

Sports 2017-12-05 11:03:14 91

On November 30, at a boxing championship in Mayang, Hunan province, Chinese boxers were knocked down by Japanese boxers. According to the rules, the presiding judge Yang Jianping counted them down. Recruiting strong dissatisfaction with Japanese players and their coaches, the two shouted at referee Yang Jianping, Japan's boxers even vomited to the referee's face, Yang Jianping overbearing, kicked over Japan coach

However, according to Yang Jianping introduced himself, the boxer is not a Japanese, but because the coach is a Japanese coach, boxer is also considered a Japanese player, the spit water and the behavior behind are to show, warm field. Also not a professional boxing match, but a professional wrestling, I hope we do not rumor.

However, in the real career arena above, offended referee is not a good thing, direct condemnation, may also be suspended treatment.

In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Taekwondo men's bronze medal match of more than 80 kilograms, the Cuban player Martos dissatisfaction with the referee's decision kicked the referee kicked him and the coaching referee with the coach by the World Taekwondo Federation Life-long ban suspended.

However, the referee is generally veteran in this industry, the player may not be able to do him.

For example, the Yang Jianping