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Didi Hotaru was not sold before the sale of the house, Yang Ying operator, Aaron repair air conditioning, the most surprising is her

Entertainment 2017-12-05 10:30:21 4

The celebrities that I saw today scream constantly in my arms and do anything on stage. However, most of these people did not come with gold spoon, before they did not have a debut also those sad experience. At present, the fire of messy Deli hot, not before the debut sales lady, because the long beautiful can say, or sales champion.

Huang Xiaoming's wife today, "Yang Ying", open Lamborghini, is Dior, Chanel and other international brands spokesman. Network transmission of a movie's payroll reached 80 million, who can think of the earliest she is a telephone operator, similar to Telecom customer service.

Aaron Kwok four big city, did not make a debut before the air-conditioning mechanic and repair air-conditioned. Moving heavy work tools every day shuttle back and forth between the tall buildings.

Evergreen entertainment "Andy Lau", did not debut before the hair. Although only a small job, but the customer has always been praise him.

Chow Yun Fat, slum-born actor, worked as a waiter, in front of the hotel to give parking. Remember that story, when parking brother Chow Yun Fat on the guests Rolls-Royce to play, the manager said he, you never open such a person Rolls-Royce, Chow Yun Fat became famous after the results of driving 10 Rolls Rice returned to the manager.

Zhou Xun is singing in the bar, Dick cowboy to move brick, Li Zongsheng gas, Tony Leung sold electrical appliances.

The most unexpected is "Liu Yan", actually a nurse background. Do not know why, this picture emerges in my head.