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Stephen Chow movie "Tai Chi", 2018 Spring Festival, we see the movie theater! ! !

Entertainment 2017-12-05 10:03:26 305

2015, "Pancake Man" billions! "Hong Kong 囧" on the billions! "Charlotte troubles" on the billions! Great in the Chinese movie market today! In the movie comedy movie at the box office standings today!

Who we are familiar figure has been hiding behind the screen! Fans looking forward! ! ! Stephen Chow, the king of comedy in China, goes back to 2008 on the big screen! That year, heavy snow! That year a big ice disaster! Too many fans do not catch up with this movie! ! !

If you know that movie will come to our fans ten years of big screen eagerly look forward to and wait! So even if the cinema is thousands of miles away from us, even if it is under the knife, drop the renminbi! Floating beauty! ! ! I will also get into the movie theater and your first encounter with the big screen! This is just great! "Westward Journey" at the time of the filming, the movie said the box office is quite bleak, but years later the film became a classic in the classic, many people read the film countless times, but never bought Movie tickets, so that movie tickets owed Stephen Chow is normal!

We have grown up! You are old! When you are old, the Chinese movie market has ushered in the take-off! ! ! In 2016, your "Mermaid" is released. Many fans say that there is also a movie ticket of Starry Night, but it has been a complex for many years. This won the 2016 Mermaid 3.3 billion box office miracle.

But 2018! Stephen Chow your own self-directed "Tai Chi" Perhaps your screen once again the ultimate bloom! ! ! By the time! We see it! ! !

Do you expect it?