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Samsung S9 will use graphene batteries: charging 12 minutes to fill the friendly joke this security

Digital 2017-12-05 08:49:54 46

Technology dog ​​news, according to foreign media, said Samsung in 2018 CES launched a new flagship mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S9 will use graphene batteries.

The biggest technical feature of graphene battery is to quickly charge the battery fully charged, a simple understanding is that the Samsung S9 fully charged time just 12 minutes, Samsung has claimed that the use of graphene batteries which are used in mobile phones, the future will almost happen mobile phone explosion The accident, because the safety factor of graphene battery is very high.

The personage inside course of study thinks, if Samsung adopts such technology and apply to mobile phone among them, will become the big battery of "battery technology" in the industry in one fell swoop, but also have the friendly business joke: Such technology is safe?

Note: Graphene battery technology in addition to charging fast, then in 60 degrees Celsius environment, graphene batteries remain stable, significantly improved safety performance, which is very suitable for smart phones, wearable devices and automotive electronics applications. Samsung first large-scale commercial graphene batteries, to become the exclusive supplier of this technology, as the current OLED, as the major mobile phone manufacturers fight for the object, so you can get the maximum revenue and profits.

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