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Russian girl became a "self-taught fitness" after the 00 and got a good figure at home with simple equipment

Photography 2017-12-04 20:01:51 36

Say 00 after the excellent material life, worry about food and clothing generation. Some people think that the current main force of society is 80 (90 after bald first cure it), but did not expect that in the distant land of Siberia, a group of boys and girls opened the hang. </ span>

Today, the girl to be introduced to see her photo Xiaobian almost suspect that he is a "pedophile" ......

The child is called "pp.tysya." In her introduction, she says she wants "to be a queen."

You may not believe it, she is still a child. . . At the age of 12, because she loves a Russian star and a local star, she decided to become a favorite star of thousands of people and get a superb figure. During the summer of 2012-2014, she was working as a library assistant in the community, intending to save a little while studying physical condition, but no one gave her proper guidance at that time and she was caught in the whirl of anorexia. Fortunately, her sister - 25-year-old beauty - and her "little boyfriend" helped her out of anorexia. 14-year-old she began to pursue the right way the body.

@ pp.tysya borrowed money from parents bought a dumbbell suit (in fact, her cell phone and other electronic items are also borrowed money from their parents), began his journey of fitness.

I was still in Year 10 this year (yes, Russia is now 12 years compulsory.) But by earning a pot of gold in my life by taking a photo ad on Instagram, she's now paying off the money to buy an Apple phone, And bought a book of nutrition, intend to self-study. Her fitness concept is very advanced, do not underestimate only 15 years old, but the operation of carbohydrates even more than many adults. And through their own practice, to tell netizens some nutrition knowledge.

As a model

Through the elastic band and barbell at home, dumbbells, practicing a very nice looking buttocks. However, this time someone asked her to shoot some large-scale advertising, have been rejected by her one by one. She rejected 80 percent of advertising sponsorship, "I want a decent profile."

She said, "I like money, but it does not mean I do everything for my money to lose my character." She likes rap and electronic music, likes to wear a tide brand, and her father is a civil servant. She often opens Take her dad's car to the suburbs and take photos with her companions. "I buy my own money and I know exactly what I'm doing."

emmmm ... show love of love

@ pp.tysya Parents are also very supportive of her, as the youngest girl in the family, she can wear her sister's old clothes - those who look "adult" but particularly her clothes.

Because she trained on her own body in a very short time, her peers came to learn from her, so @pp.tysya teaches them to practice basic fitness in the community gym. She is now 15 years old is already a popular circle, although height is not too advantage for their peers. </ span>

Teach peer fitness knowledge

Of course, the bar will not lose, practice your arms properly. </ span>

Sometimes you have to admit that it is a luxury to start learning to work out as a teenager - it is really hard to get fit at a junior middle school high school, especially under China's heavy academic pressure. After graduation, only a small number of economically capable people began to further adjust and modify their bodies, but this time for most people, they have no time to spare their work.

Of course, what is the standard abdominal muscles

Biking is the favorite aerobic exercise

Our physical education class, it is strange why the PE class has become a math class, can be very good knowledge of sports, but unfortunately, did not. Perhaps only by personal efforts, relying on love to adhere to the kind of happiness you can experience it.

(Picture from @ pp.tysya)