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Samsung Galaxy S9 Graphene Battery Black Technology: just 12 minutes to charge

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Samsung in many mobile phone brands still fairly good reputation, at least in the appearance has always been among the best, although not so optimistic about the relationship with South Korea, but have to admit that the Samsung mobile phone in some technologies do have its extraordinary Where.

In our opinion, Samsung and Apple are always two of the same handset brands that you are fiercely fighting for, and the new handsets are both expensive, basically five or six thousand. In the eyes of Xiaobian, really can not see the phone so expensive in the end what is good, but the other hand, friends around, basically all-new iPhone and Galaxy.

In the battery charging problem, each also has its own advantages, the most famous advertising to oppo mobile phone "charging five minutes call two hours", coupled with the star effect, oppo mobile phone quickly occupied a large part of the market, but charging Five minutes in the end how long Xiaobian can not know. iPhone is nothing special in this regard, but the battery life is good, full use of normal use or can use about a day, plus the iPhone can charge and discharge at any time, the impact of the phone is not large.

On the issue of battery charging is also a lot of people are worried about the problem, many people complain about the phone charge of a night of electricity simply can not take long, poor battery life coupled with slow charging, resulting in a lot of people buy the phone when the East pick West for a long time. However, a few days ago, it was reported that the next generation of Samsung's flagship model Galaxy S9 uses a new TV black technology, the phone's battery can be fully charged within 12 minutes.

Allegedly Galaxy S9 uses a graphene battery to replace the existing lithium batteries, these batteries in the same volume storage capacity is 45% of lithium batteries, but can be fully charged within 12 minutes, and can be up to 60 degrees Celsius in the environment to maintain a high degree of stability, this feature is really suitable for today's smart phones, and sometimes go out in a hurry to full time when the phone is full, 12-minute charging time with the very good choice.

But to this Xiaobian have to ask such a fast charging mode is not what the impact on the life of the phone? "Fast charge" is not a very trendy term, but many people know that fast charge mode will cause some damage to the machine itself, and in the long run will also reduce the life of the machine. This is why many people have some doubts about "charging for five minutes for two hours."

However, it is worth noting that this technology of graphene material can improve the stability and conductivity of the battery to a certain extent, and greatly improve the cathode's recyclability and quick charge capability. Today, with the development of science and technology, we must also have more confidence in this and give more support accordingly so that high technology can better serve our life.

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