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Japanese really heavy taste, even the little suckling pigs are not let off, this dish on the table, not calm it!

Food 2017-12-04 17:51:49 21

Japanese cuisine in addition to sashimi and sashimi still acceptable, other food are scared to think about today is to say a Japanese cuisine, is made of small suckling, think of it is cruel too!

In Japan, there is such a dish, the small breast wrapped in egg yolk and bread crumbs into the pan fried, deep fried with cabbage can be served, the guests saw such a small suckling with vegetables, Really eat it?

After eating this dish, there will be a small pig soup, be echoes, and the side dishes can be considered rich, with potatoes, tofu, carrots! At first glance people are not wrong, really think this is a small pig made, in fact, otherwise, look below! </ span>

This is just a model, but the model is made so few people can accept it?