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Which constellation of the twelve constellations highest standards?

constellation 2017-12-04 15:50:53 10

Gemini </ span> : </ span> Believe in the concept of love, "for a lifetime, be sure to be with the fun people." Gemini can not imagine how boring people spend the rest of their lives so terrible, so their mate choice is to ask each other is fun to play, it is best to be smart. </ span>

Leo: </ span> Strong woman in the eyes of many people, many people think that in the other half the choice of the lion will prefer people weaker than themselves. In fact, the lion does not think that the strong case of strong, and stronger than their own people, the two can make progress together. </ span>

Virgo: the pursuit of perfection, they also want to find the perfect impeccable other half, but how can there be so many perfect world, so Virgo can only take the lead, and hope each other is best in appearance and Character is perfect. </ span>

</ span> Love and marriage attitude is more mature and rational, that love without bread can not last long, but they will not ask each other very rich, as long as the cause of stability is enough. Moreover, it is better to have a more stable family relationship, because one's family often has a direct impact on the lives of the two later generations. </ span>
</ span>

Pisces: The condition of choice is obvious. Looking for the perfect half of Prince Charming, Pisces is even more harsh than the maidens when choosing mate, because Pisces always fantasizes about her as a fairy tale princess. </ span>