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Same as Li Ka-shing's daughter-in-law, why did she have the right door, and Isabella Leong's son did not go in?

News 2017-12-01 09:16:38 97

Married wealthy, I believe that many women and actress dreams. It is the pleasure of many women to marry into the home of the richest man of Hong Kong, the former Chinese richest man, Li Ka Shing. There is no doubt that Li Ka Shing is a legend in Hong Kong, but behind the legend is also a short trifle in his parents. Today Xiaobian talk to you about Li Jiacheng's two daughters-in-law.

We all have two sons in Li Ka-shing, but the two sons have completely different attitudes toward marriage and love. The eldest son, Li Ze Kui and his wife Wang Liqiao married after having three women and one child, marriage and stability.

Li Ze Kui, calm, low-key motivated, very self-discipline in the feelings, the basic no sex scandal, and Wang Liqiao married, did not pass any lace. More importantly, Li Zeju had split the listing of the Yangtze River Infrastructure and served as Chairman of the Yangtze River Infrastructure. Li Ze huge total assets of 7.3 billion Canadian dollars. Selected as one of Time Magazine's "2003 Most Influential People in Global Business". It seems to inherit the family business ah.

Wang Liqiao, a woman who succeeded in marrying the super-wealthy of the Li family, was a talented woman. She graduated from the Department of Business Administration at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Her father was a textile trader who stayed home early to do business. In 1990, Wang Liqiao was studying business administration at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. At the time, Li Ze-Ju was also involved in real estate business in Canada. At a barbecue party, the two met in love. Wang Li Bridge is not only the wife of Li Ze Kui identity, but also act as his think tank, for his advice.

Li Ze Kui in 1993 as Cheung Kong vice president, general manager, announced the marriage with Wang Liqiao, was reported wealthy wedding "a wedding nearly 40,000, an abalone 2,000 yuan," "World Expo car."

Wang Li Bridge did not look very beautiful, but quite talented, Li Ze Kui is also absorbed by her talent. On the wealth and the door, the king naturally can not be compared with the Li, the innocent Wang Bridge, neither money to get people, there is no "one into the giants of deep sea" worries, everything goes its way, it touches on the urgent eleventh son Lee Since then chase after all. Wang Liqiao marriage is a very low profile, one-handed husband and wife, after marriage married three children a son.

The younger son Li Zekai rebellious since childhood, emotional life is very rich, is a full range of love, sex scandal was heard more than a few girlfriends, but one of the most famous is that he gave birth to three sons Hong Kong film star Liang Luoshi . Richard Li from the United States back to Hong Kong in 1989 Hutchison Whampoa, "Little Superman" reputation. In 2017, it is worth as much as HK $ 34 billion (about RMB30 billion) and Hong Kong's "Fu Bei World" is the 15th richest man in 2017.

Liang Loss not only looks beautiful, but also very acting. Liang Loss 12-year-old joined the Hong Kong Emperor Entertainment Records into the showbiz, 16-year-old debut. Starring in the first movie "Insect" won the award nomination for best newcomer, 19 years old Liang Loss by virtue of "Isabella" won two actresses in one fell swoop.

Then girlfriend girlfriend was exposed by the British Emperor Snow, Liang Luoshi did not dare to resist until the end of 2007, Liang Luosi introduced by Michelle Yeoh Li Zi-cheng, second son Richard Li. Richard Li not only helped her fight a lawsuit, redeemed her for her, but also sent her to New York to study. At that year, this was the story of a fairy tale Cinderella met the prince.

June 4, 2009 Raymond Leung gave birth to a baby boy by Richard Li. By the end of June 2010, girlfriend gave birth again to a pair of male twins in San Francisco.

Although gave birth to three sons, but the giants eventually did not choose girlfriend. February 26, 2011, Liang Los Shi and Richard Li broke up. It is said that got 200 million break-up fee.

Despite the breakup in recent years, Mrs. Isabella has dedicated her son to Toronto as well, and her cost of living to Mr Lee is not an astronomical figure. It looks like Liang Los Shi has the opportunity to counterattack.

Isabella Leong for Lee's son had not succeeded in marrying Li's three sons, and Wang Liqiao was Li Ze Ju Ming is married after the Lee opened branches and leaves, gave birth to three women and one son, the door position is relatively stable, although there is no Liangshoushi beautiful, but Very talented and low-key, can be regarded as winner of life.

What do you think is the main reason why Liangshe Shi did not marry into Li?