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Do not blow is not black, "the most beautiful Chinese car" - Geely Borui's three common problems!

Design 2017-12-04 15:32:29 23

As an independent B-class car's benchmark model, Geely Barry has always had a high reputation, known as the "most beautiful Chinese car", Borui is worthy of the title, deep vehicle design business, very atmospheric, the interior uses Chrome and wood decoration, workmanship is more sophisticated, highlights the sense of luxury, in general, has reached a level of a joint venture car.

Control and speed. As the saying goes, if your car you sit in touch with the steering wheel, can not make you excited, emotionally surging words, then he is just a means of transport, if the means of transport do not take the bus? Borui's engine tuning and gearbox really is general, without a trace of surprise, mediocre.

Is shockproof excellent. Since the tuning of the engine and gearbox are slow, why the shock so hard? Over deceleration belt can make you doubt life.