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Fan Cheng-cheng Fan Bingbing entertained entertainment gossip, users Tucao do not know how to entertainment acting

Entertainment 2017-12-04 11:57:57 62

As long as there is a bole entertainment, Maxima more than that, but not necessarily every Maxima can meet Bóeul, provided that if you have someone in the circle of support, I think your chances of fame certainly larger than the general out of the odds, So Xiaobian about Fan Cheng-cheng today.

Speaking Fan Chengcheng I think the first time I am friends, who is he? Speaking of his sister, we are certainly not unfamiliar, that is, the topic of the Queen, Entertainment Goddess "Fan Bingbing, yes, this is her brother.

Fan Chengcheng was born on June 16, 2000, in fact, users do not know, Fan Bingbing long ago in 2007 to participate in the Berlin Film Festival, Fan Chengcheng attended the festival with the whole family for the first time the scene of the event.

In 2007, Fan Bingbing left Huayi after filming the first film "contract lover", Beijing Huaxing Studios held a grand premiere, with the whole family attended the festival's scene, his brother Fan Chengcheng first exposure in the concept Fan Yingbing interactive part of the film, Fan Bingbing draw at the request to his brother, "go back door" so that it also took the stage to receive a prize.

Recently, some netizens broke the news that Fan Bingbing's younger brother Fan Shicheng from Korea as an intern back home to participate in an idol talent show, and exposed Fan Chengcheng related airport photos.

We all remember the original Fan Chengcheng debut, Fan Bingbing was pushed to the cusp of entertainment topics, Fan Bingbing was speculated that netizens Fan Bingbing actually is illegitimate son, because Fan Bingbing was born in 1981, Fan Chengcheng was born in 2000, the two differ by 19 years.

This statement was later denied Fan Bingbing, she clarified that her mother had no younger brother's idea, she insisted that his mother gave birth to his brother, but also said that the best education for the child must be.

Presumably Fan Shicheng now return to participate in variety shows, the purpose is to pave the way for the entertainment business! In turn, think about it, Fan Bingbing such a sister pull the other hand, the well-known thing sooner or later, but have to see their own strength? This users have Tucao: see how you do after the acting evaluation it!

For rumored Fan Bingbing and Sammo Hung, has been criticized by users, but now it seems that siblings look very similar, rumors naturally not break it, let us look at this Fan Cheng-Cheng later entertainment Set off much storm.

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