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Porsche 992 will be added to the plug-in hybrid, powerful hybrid 2.9 seconds to break the hundred!

Car 2018-05-26 20:26:08 0

The 992 and 911 models officially launched in 2019 seem to have been identified as the first pure-breed sports car with a hybrid electric-electric system. At present, foreign media reports that Porsche will add a plug-in hybrid to each of Carrera and Turbo. The most anticipated model of the model is the most powerful plug-in hybrid model. It is expected that the speed of the mile will be more violent than the current 2.9 seconds of the Turbo S model, and it also has excellent fuel consumption performance!

In order to make the new generation 911 compatible with the rich power options, the 992-generation chassis will be able to accommodate the hybrid system. In terms of power architecture, the Porsche Cayenne electronic hybrid will be replaced with a rear horizontal and horizontal engine. After that, it will be adjusted to be more lively. The eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox will be matched. The 100kw electric motor module will be added between the engine and the gearbox. It will have better performance under the momentary torque support. Output performance. The new 911 battery module will be similar to the Cayenne E-Hybrid, with a higher battery density, but will be different when used on the 911.

According to overseas news, there will be two 911s and 911 turbo-electric hybrid electric vehicles in the future. The former will be based on the general Carrera power form, while the latter will be the more powerful Turbo version, no matter what, plus plug-in hybrid. After the power module, it will definitely be more than 250kg more than the average model. However, according to the current Porsche oil and gas models, the oil-electricity supply has a considerable comprehensive horsepower buck, and the plug-in hybrid version is expected to accelerate faster than the average model. In the first half of the second; in addition to performance, low-speed electric or pure electric mode, will also bring energy-saving performance to the oil and gas 911.

In the future, the 911 will be regarded as a flagship model for energy-saving sales, while the more powerful 911 GT series, with overseas news, will still maintain the general gasoline turbo setting, and the fans will not have to worry too much. . In the future, Porsche will also strive to increase the brand electrification ratio. The target will reach 25% pure electricity, 25% oil and electricity, and 50% traditional internal combustion engine vehicle distribution by 2025. In view of this, the existence of 911 oil and electricity is also necessary.