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Xiao Qiucheng went deep into the Heye Village of Xinning County to investigate poverty alleviation and health alleviation.

Other 2018-05-26 20:26:26 0

Shaoyang News Online News (Correspondent Chen Baiping Li Jun) Recently, Xiao Qiucheng, vice president of Shaoyang Municipal Party School, went to the joint office to help the poor to tackle poverty and health and help the poor in Heye Village, Matouqiao Town, Xinning County. Xin Ning County Weiji Bureau Party Secretary, Director Jiang Yuhua, and Ma Jianqiao Town Party Secretary Li Jianqing accompanied the investigation.

Heye Village is located in a remote area and is a key poverty-stricken village in the county. During the investigation, Xiao Qiucheng visited the poor households in the village, talked face to face with them, asked in detail about the family situation, income sources, practical difficulties, etc., and discussed with the village cadres to understand the causes of poverty caused by the poor and the implementation of poverty alleviation measures. At the same time, I looked at the construction of the village clinic and drinking water. Xiao Qiucheng pointed out that the responsible person should strengthen the study, conscientiously implement the policies of poverty alleviation and health alleviation, and help poor households to solve practical difficulties; lay a solid foundation, do a good job plan, and complete tasks with high standards and high quality. It is really solving key problems; we must do our best and implement the benchmarks in order to achieve practical results. The Health and Welfare Bureau should give full play to the advantages of the industry, in the village clinic standardization construction, village medical configuration, localized personnel training, medical facilities, drinking water monitoring, poverty-stricken household medical expenses protection "top" and "one-stop" settlement Kung Fu, see actual results.

Xiao Qiucheng pointed out that all departments should work closely together and make concerted efforts to ensure that the village's task of getting rid of poverty and tackling difficulties is fully completed, and that it will be able to get rid of poverty.