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Xinning County launches “Happiness Project to Help Poor Mothers” Condolences

Other 2018-05-26 20:26:27 0

Shaoyang News Online News (Correspondent Chen Baiping Li Jun) Recently, Xinning County launched the 22nd "Mother's Day and Happiness Project to Help Poor Mothers" condolence activities in Umbrella Village, Shuimiao Town. Wu Huazhen, director of the Standing Committee of the County People's Congress, Lan Zhongming, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the County People's Congress, and president of the County Family Planning Association, and Cai Haifeng, executive vice president of the County Family Planning Association, went to the village to visit the poor mothers.

Among the poor people in China, there is a special social group - poor mothers. Many of them still live in extreme poverty, lack of rations, lack of income sources, and less access to basic social welfare such as cultural education and health care. For the family and the children, they silently endure all the hardships and fatigues. They make more sacrifices, pay more, and bear more pressure. Among the poor, the living conditions of poor mothers are the hardest.

“Happiness Project – Action for Helping Poor Mothers” was jointly established by the China Population Welfare Foundation and the China Family Planning Association and the China Population Newspaper in 1995. The project focuses on the poor mothers of family planning families in poverty-stricken areas. To cure the poor, cure the ignorance and cure the disease, and adopt the rescue mode of “small subsidies, direct people, rolling operations, and labor poverty alleviation” to help them develop their family economy and get rid of poverty.

Wu Huazhen and his entourage first came to the home of Yang Fengqi, sent 500 yuan of condolences, and talked with the elderly affectionately about her family's production, living conditions and major difficulties, encouraging the elderly to build confidence and overcome difficulties. The event visited a total of 5 families of poor mothers and distributed 2,500 yuan in condolences.