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Young Sinologists inquired about "Net Red" Hongyadong and Ciqikou: "This is the Chinese experience of knowing and doing together"

Tourism 2018-05-26 20:33:08 0

The beautiful scenery left a good impression on young sinologists. Photo courtesy of the organizer

Young sinologists experience Chinese culture. Photo courtesy of the organizer

Hualong.com at 19:45 on May 26 (trainee reporter Li Huaqiao) Before the Three Gorges, the Belarusian girl Su Qi was under the black triangle. After examining the Three Gorges, she discovered that the Chinese mountains still have so many forms and are all green.

On May 26th, in the ancient town of Ciqikou, Su Qi bought a lot of Chinese handicrafts. Among them, there are silk scarves embroidered with mountains and greens, and bamboo bookmarks made of flowers and plants. Like Su Qi, the Georgian girl Nora also likes to study Chinese culture and likes the feeling of backpack walking in China.

At Hongya Cave, Nora quickly pressed the shutter and wanted to record as much as possible in China's beautiful moments, and then share the Chinese experience with readers in online magazines. When she first learned Chinese, Nora was full of curiosity about Chongqing, a city in southwestern China. This time, she came to Chongqing as she wished, and through her research and study, she personally experienced its cultural pulse.

Young sinologists play at the Ciqikou. Photo courtesy of the organizer

Zero contact with China

The ancient Chinese people regarded "reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles" as a realm of study. People believe that only Wanshoushu and Wanli Road can complement each other and truly understand the world. Participated in the 2018 Young Sinologists Training Program (Chongqing), which was hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, hosted by the Chongqing Municipal Cultural Commission, and implemented by the Chongqing Culture and Art Vocational College. Both Nora and Su Qi experienced the Chinese-style study of knowing and doing.

In 2012, Nora won the opportunity to come to Shenyang to study Chinese. During this time, she really liked to go shopping alone in the streets, taking a camera and taking a pat. She also likes to go to the night market, because it can chat with ordinary Chinese, she hopes to better understand the Chinese way of life in this way.

One year after Nora came to China, Su Qi came to Nanjing to go to university. In China, she has many “first experiences”. For example, sitting on the beach in Xiamen, thinking about how powerful and powerful it is, but at the same time it is so gentle and calm. She watched the waves kiss the beach, I want to stay there forever.

The most impressive thing about Nara in this China trip is Wu Long. In her words, the landscape of Wulong should be unforgettable for everyone who has been there. The water in the mountains and the green trees on the cliffs are intoxicating. For Su Qi, she likes the scenery of the Three Gorges most. “The mountains there are green and the water is very clear. It is a landscape I have never seen before.”

The longer the road in China, the more thinking about China. This is the best way for Nora and Su Qi to get in touch with China. During these times of contact with China, Su Qi has been studying Chinese culture and has completed the book "Ancient Chinese Art" with her professor of Chinese literature.

Su Qi has met many friends who like Chinese literature. Even after returning home, she is still discussing and learning through the Internet. After returning to China, Su Qi became a Chinese language teacher at the university. Her favorite thing to do is to share life in China with students and tell them that "China, you must go and see."

Pick a gift and want to bring it back to your friends and family. Photo courtesy of the organizer

Build a platform for communication with China

In recent years, China's economy has developed rapidly. Nora found that there are many investors from China, and more and more Georgians have a strong interest in China like her.

"Georgia has very few books on China's literary history and political economy, so I want more Georgians to have better access to Chinese culture." So, Nora and her Chinese literature teacher founded a network. The magazine has a lot of content about all aspects of China.

As a Chinese writer who has been to China, Nora also served as editor-in-chief. Today, this online magazine has become one of the most influential magazines in the region. Every day, there are a lot of people who leave a message below. If you want to know more about China, Nora is happy to answer these questions.

For Su Qi, a Chinese railway passing through her own country has brought changes to her own life and even the country. The railway in her mouth is the Central European train (Chongqing). Because of the opening of this railway, more and more Chinese goods are appearing in the Belarusian market.

As a post-90, Su Qi likes to shop online. “In Belarus, young people are becoming a trend in online shopping. We like to buy Chinese-made mobile phones and laptops online.” Su Qi mentioned this website, run by Chinese company Alibaba. Because of its diverse selection, high quality and low price, it has been loved by many young Belarusians. In Belarus, you need to spend $50 to buy jeans, and Su Qi can buy a good quality for only $10.

Su Qi said that China has a long history and truly great wisdom. She hopes that she can contribute to the promotion of Chinese culture, and also hopes that through her efforts, more Chinese friends will be interested in the culture and history of Belarus. “I always believe that we can make the world a better and more friendly way by learning from each other and understanding each other.”