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Zhang Chengyi: The regret of Gypsum Mountain

Tourism 2018-05-26 17:13:35 0

I have lived and worked in Lingshi for 36 years. Now I have traveled more than half of China, but I have never really traveled to Lingshi Gypsum Mountain. I went to Gypsum Mountain 20 years ago and only stayed under the mountain, and did not go up the mountain.

On May 24, 2018, accompanied by Fenqi, Chunsheng and Guankui, I decided to visit Gypsum Mountain. Unfortunately, today, there was a power outage and the cableway was suspended. Our four 70-year-olds could not go to the top of the mountain, only to the halfway up the mountain, Qinglong The waterfall will return. It seems: I have to wait until the third time.

Gypsum Mountain Scenic Area is located about 35 kilometers southeast of Lingshi County. It belongs to Taiyue Mountain Range and has a maximum altitude of 2,532 meters. It is located at the Lingkong Mountain of Jiexiu Mianshan and Wuyuan. The total area of ​​the scenic area is about 60 square kilometers. Qifeng is green, with clear river water, thousands of feet of waterfalls, ancient temples, caves, and shaded white pine forest. Since ancient times, it has been a famous historical mountain where people participate in the pilgrimage, boarding, visiting, and squatting.

Suo Fenqi masterpiece:

Then visit the gypsum mountain

In the early summer, I went to Gypsum Mountain.

Looking back at the waterfall to see Longquan.

The car was out of power and did not reach the summit.

It’s also good to wear forests and wading.

On May 24, 2018, the old friend Zhang Chengyi Liu Chunsheng Fan Guankui went to Lingshi Tour Plaster Mountain.

Qinglong Waterfall

The temples of Gypsum Hill are all built in natural caves. There are poems and praises: "The ancient temples are hidden in the caves of the millennium. Among the three large caves in the upper, middle and lower parts of the gypsum mountain, the lower hole is the largest, and the temple inside the cave is destroyed by the war. There is a "Scorpio Stone Brake" in the middle hole. Because of the wind and rain, the Buddha statues in the temple are bright and colorful. There are dragon caves and bell springs next to the temple. There is a white stone statue of Guanyin on the upper hole, and there are dissolved rock stalactites and stalagmites.

The gypsum mountain pine tower exquisite, Longbai empty hanging, gypsum Pinnacle, Luoding Songtao, nourishing Maoqin, Lianchi Zhengquan, Yunlu Hengkong, Shenfei wall bee, stone monkey moon, mushroom rock cliff and other scenery are also mutual Against the background. There are also Nantianmen, Sheling Cliff, Turtle Stone, Stone Chessboard, Taohualing, Monkey King Peak, Xianglu Mountain, Jianyang Mountain, Xiaowen Mountain, Wang Tomb Village and other scenic spots waiting for tourists to taste. :

The year is not forgiving, I really feel it in the age of ancient times: to hurry up the time to travel, to go where you want to go.