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In the past, she was an important opponent on the road to Li Na’s Grand Slam, but now she’s been ignored.

Sports 2018-05-26 06:33:54 2

The 2014 season is unforgettable for Chinese fans. In this year, our Li Na three entered the Australian Open finals and won the second Grand Slam title. The world ranking came to the second place, and once had the opportunity to hit the throne after the ball... However, I did not expect that Melbourne is Li Na's last moment of bloom. Just like fireworks, after she burned the last gunpowder, she finally chose to return. From then on, there was no Chinese Na.

In that year's Australian Open, Li Na will finish the championship with all the way through. In the semi-final, Buthal did not make too many sounds, but the Canadian girl under the age of 20 used her beauty and skills to attract attention. In the following years of that year, she also scored the French Open semi-finals, Wimbledon finals, and won the first career title in Nuremberg. At the end of the year, she was nominated for the finals with the fifth place in the world. With the follow-up of flowers, applause and spotlights, in the second year after switching to professional tennis, Bouchard tasted all the sweetness of becoming a star.

At that time, the envious eyes gathered on Bouchard might have a bunch from Svitolina. Half a year younger than Bouchard, Svitalina's career track and Canadian girl can be described as step by step. In 2014, in Bouchard's highlights, Svetolina's performance was equally impressive. At the time, she got her first career title in Baku, Azerbaijan, and entered the top 30 at the end of the year, even laughing at the final conversation with Bouchard in Miami. Sveterina, who is not sweet and does not lose the Canadian girl, has suffered a loss in her nationality. Eastern Europe and Ukraine, it is obviously difficult for the little girl to bring too much attention internationally.

In fact, the fate of the two can be traced back to the Wimbledon youth finals in 2012. At that time, Svitorina was defeated by 2-6 and 1-6. Bucharer emerged with this victory. Svitolina is still right now. This defeat is in vain. "That game is too painful. It is an important lesson in my life. I really want to win, but I am very nervous and very scared. I basically didn't hit a few balls. From then on, I told myself that I will never again. She won't be waiting for the finals," she said at the Rome conference last week.

Despite the fact that nationality is not dominant, Svitolina relies on outstanding results and has earned attention. This is her second consecutive year in Rome and her third title this season. The most important thing is that she did learn the lessons of the Wimbledon Junior Finals in the past. After entering the professional tennis, she reached the finals 14 times and won 12 championships. In the final of the Rome defeated the world's first Harlep, it was her final eight-game winning streak. Now ranked fourth in the world, Svitorina is a veritable French Open champion – although she has never scored a Grand Slam semi-final, but the two top eight experience are from Roland Garros, will also give She brings enough confidence.

As for the faculty who gave her a heavy lesson that year, when most people have not started the French Open, they have already ended this year's singles campaign - she is behind 0-6, 1-2 in the first round of the qualifying round. When the game retired due to injury - yes, this former world fifth, now ranks down to 167. Her performance this season is only 4 wins and 6 losses, completely immersed in the hype world of social networks, tennis is no longer the only one of Bouchard. Her slipping is obvious.

Chinese fans are always obsessed with 2014, because at that time we also have one of the best tennis players in the world. Her ups and downs have driven the heartbeat rhythm of the fans. The roller coaster’s self-abuse taste has not been realized for a long time. . And Bucharer may also occasionally think of his 20-year-old time, when tennis seems to be easier to play, the victory of the game is also more easy. There are no reporters’ martyrdom at the press conference, no fans’ cynicism on social media, and no embarrassment to rank three figures...

Thirty years of Hedong's thirty years of Hexi, 2014 is not worth mentioning for Svetolina, and Bouchard is just a long-lost opponent's name when he was young. Now she is full of ambitions, and she is going to have a role in Roland Garros.

In fact, this is the most correct way for tennis players to open.