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The car is too promising to cooperate. The two sides are actively discussing

Entertainment 2018-05-26 06:34:17 8

Korean actor Che Tai and Shou Dou Na are expected to appear in the new drama "The Best Divorce" (provisional translation).

According to a media report on the 25th, Che Taihao and Bae Dou Na will co-star in the new drama "Best Divorce". The car-Taiwan affiliates subsequently responded that they have received the "Best Divorce" proposal and are actively discussing it. The representative of the company is also receiving a proposal for the show, which is currently under discussion. It is reported that "Best Divorce" tells the story of love comedy between the 30 generations of lovers who are still immature in marriage and family view in the era of divorce popularization.

In addition, the new drama "Best Divorce" is expected to be broadcast in the second half of the year. Cherry / text bnt news DB / map