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The warm string Liu Rui is almost pushed down by the small Pan, and still helps him to do things in a stupid way.

Entertainment 2018-05-26 06:34:18 7

The plot of the urban emotional drama "Warm Strings" has become more and more exciting, and the true identity of Liu Rui, played by Li Yuzhe, has also been exposed.

According to previous information, Li Ruizhe's Liu Rui is the rich second generation of Singapore, and the family has countless assets.

But now it seems that there is a certain bias in the above content.

According to the latest story, Liu Rui’s parents do run a company.

However, the name of the company did not appear in the play, and it is obvious that it is not a big company with influence.

Moreover, the company that stayed at home was on the verge of bankruptcy, and with the help of Xiao Pan, the situation was reversed.

It is for this reason that Li Ruizhe played Liu Rui promised to sneak into the middle of the generation, helping Xiao Pan to deal with Zhu Linlu.

Liu Rui and Xiao Pan should be outside, and the general manager of Zhu Linlu began to shake.

With the help of Liu Rui, Xiao Pan set up a board to buy the stock in the hands of Uncle Lin and became the second largest shareholder in the company.

Whether it is for Zhu Linlu or for the entire Zhu family, this is a very heavy blow.

Therefore, Zhu Linlu, who has always been firmly established, will be full of worries and talk with gentleness.

If Xiao Pan always has other shares in the company, he will become the largest shareholder in the generation.

In that case, the surrogate is no longer surnamed Zhu, but changed to the surname Pan.

In order to completely defeat the Zhu Lin Road, which was super-played, Liu Rui carried the gentleness of Zhou Qiqi and secretly worked on the investment project, resulting in a large amount of money lost in the generation.

Liu Rui is very clear that the gentleness played by Zhou Qiqi is on behalf of Zhu Linlu. If there is no performance, the Zhu Lin Road situation will be difficult.

For Liu Rui’s move, Liang Dawei’s Xiao Pan always appreciates it. On the phone, you will be proud of it. Your parents will be proud of you!

However, Liu Rui began to feel awkward at this time. I don’t know if I am doing this right or wrong.

Liu Rui is very concerned about gentleness, she is beautiful, capable, and distinct, and these temperament deeply attract him.

But because of this, Liu Rui has done these things that can't be seen, and gentleness can never forgive him.

What is more serious is that once the business espionage of Rui Rui is exposed, it will be blocked by the entire industry.

Not only that, the companies that stay home will be shameless by their peers, fall into a serious credibility crisis, and go bankrupt again.

It can be seen that Liang Dawei, who plays the role of Liang Dawei, is on the surface of working with Liu Rui. In fact, he is pushing the Rui Rui and Liu Shi Group into the fire pit.

Sadly reminded that Li Ruizhe played Rui Rui seems to be stupidly kept in the dark.